Robbie E Talks Working With Hulk Hogan And Eric Bischoff Backstage, If They Were Receptive, More

I spoke to TNA star Robbie E recently ahead of Impact Wrestling's big move to Pop TV in January. During the interview, I asked Robbie about the differences of working in TNA with and without Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff.

Robbie stated that he enjoyed his time with Hulk Hogan, and said that the WWE legend was incredibly hands on and helpful as it pertained to talent.

"He literally would hang out at the monitor and watch. You'd come back and he'd call you over, and give you feedback on something you could improve on, or say 'good job.' Or you could go up to him and say 'hey did you catch my match? Anything you see that could be different?' He was totally down for that. It wasn't like he was locked in his room all day and you didn't get to see him until he came out because he's this big star. He was fully around," said Robbie.

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When it came to Eric Bischoff, Robbie said that it was very similar, although Bischoff would take a more direct approach. That direct approach may be something you don't want to hear, which Robbie embraced.

"Same. He was hands on, approachable," explained Robbie. "If he saw something and had an idea, he'd come right up to you. Sometimes it was something you might not want to hear, but he's straight with you and tells you how it is. He's a good dude. It's a pro wrestling. I don't want to hear the things I did right, I want to hear the things I did wrong so I can improve on them."

We'll have our full interview with Robbie E up soon, and don't forget to check out Impact Wrestling Tuesday nights on Pop starting January 5.


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