Welcome to Wrestling Inc’s coverage of Ring of Honor TV! This edition of ROH TV serves as the go-home show before the huge Final Battle show this Friday. Don’t forget to join us here at Wrestling Inc for full coverage of Final Battle Friday night!

Adam Cole vs. Corey Hollis

Hollis gets a little early offense, but eats a shining wizard from Cole. Hollis scores with a running headbutt, and then is welcomed by an Adam Cole enziguri. Back inside the ring, Hollis rolls up Cole, but walks right into a bicycle kick. Hollis pulls off an awesome suplex counter into a Stunner, then gets a nearfall off of a Widowmaker. Cole gets up and lands a superkick, followed by a knee-neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Adam Cole via pinfall (knee-neckbreaker)

Adam Cole says that he’s going to end Kyle O’Reilly this Friday at ROH Final Battle.

War Machine vs. Washington Bullets

I don’t know who the Bullets are, but I feel bad for them. This is a total massacre. Clothesline, slam, German suplex, Path of Resistance, Superman forearm, Fallout. That’s it. Total squash. It was great.

Winners: War Machine via pinfall (Fallout)

We see a really, really weird crew of people come out with Mike Posey. He takes the mic and beatboxes and raps poorly. He calls out Dalton Castle, who obliges. The entourage dips out.

Dalton Castle vs. Mike Posey (w/ Entourage)

Castle dominates with an exploder suplex and headbutts, followed by a huge knee. Posey’s entourage cause a distraction, allowing Posey to hit an enziguri. Posey gets caught midair coming off the top rope, and is suplexed outside onto the entourage. Bangarang inside the ring gets the pin for Castle.

Winner: Dalton Castle via pinfall (Bangarang)

Castle calls out Silas Young. The Boys come out to distract him, allowing Young to come in and nail Misery on Dalton Castle.

– Jerry Lynn is with Kevin Kelly in the ring, clean shaven, with short hair, looking ten years younger than his last appearance. Lynn is asked about the main event of Final Battle, but is interrupted by Jay Lethal, Truth Martini and Taeler Hendrix. Lethal harasses Lynn, who says he thinks AJ Styles is going to win this Friday. Lethal goes off, saying he had to work harder than Styles to get to this point, then leaves.

– We see a recap of Alex Shelley returning to ROH. He’s joining the commentary booth for the main event.

Roppongi Vice vs. ACH & Matt Sydal

A chain wrestling series between Sydal and Romero sends Romero tagging out to Trent. We come back from the commercial break to see Romero working over Sydal, who makes the tag to ACH. ACH cleans house, culminating in a big soccer kick to Trent. The crazy doesn’t end there, as he hits the always beautiful Air Jordan on RPG Vice.

Back in the ring, RPG Vice take out ACH with double knees, then Sydal with a running knee as well. ACH finally comes back with a big double foot stomp, while Shelley makes some comments about ACH taking his moves. Meanwhile, Sydal gets kneed in the face and clotheslined. Sydal lands a jumping headscissors on Romero while ACH enziguris him.

Sydal eats knees on a Shooting Star Press to Trent, then lands the flying knee for a two count. RPG Vice set up for Strong Zero, but ACH intercepts Romero. Sydal counters Trent with an Infrared for the pin.

Winners: Matt Sydal & ACH via pinfall (Infrared)