Ryan Nemeth On Wrestling Brother Dolph Ziggler, WWE - Steve Harvey Media, WWE Shop Sale

- LA Weekly has a story here about former WWE developmental talent Ryan Nemeth, Dolph Ziggler's brother, following in his older brother's footsteps and performing stand-up comedy. During the interview, Ryan discussed working with Ziggler in the ring and on the stage.


"All of my favorite moments in comedy and in wrestling have been with him, funny enough," Nemeth said. "I was always against him when we would encounter each other in the ring, but to me I was working with him to entertain the crowd. Performing comedy with him is always fun because we'll tell stories about our family and growing up together. Of course, people love to hear what Dolph Ziggler was like as a kid."

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- We predicted on our Twitter that WWE would play off the Steve Harvey Miss Universe mega-gaffe, where Harvey announced the wrong winner of the pageant (video is below). WWE has been receiving a fair amount of media for spoofing the incident with R-Truth and the Divas on RAW this past Monday night, with Truth accidentally declaring Paige the winner of the "Diva of the Year" Slammy award. The Wrap, Yahoo! TV, FOX Sports, Elite Daily, Digital Spy and The Independent are amongst the media outlets to report on WWE's spoof of the incident. Despite the highly publicized gaffe, Harvey has been invited back to host the pageant next year in Belize.