Scott Hall Injured, Another ECW Original Returning To WWE?, WWE Fans On Forgotten ECW Stars

- WWE's website has a new poll asking fans their favorite forgotten ECW stars - Joel Gertner, Kronus, Roadkill, The Sinister Minister, Hack Myers, Cyrus, 911 or Chilly Willy. With over 8,000 votes, 32% have voted for The Sinister Minister while 18% have voted for Gertner, 17% voted for Roadkill and 16% went with 911.

- On a related note, there's talk that another ECW Original may be joining Tommy Dreamer and The Dudley Boyz to face The Wyatt Family at the December 13th TLC pay-per-view.

- WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall says he was injured in the gym this morning and he's pulling out of weekend appearances. He tweeted the following:


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