Sean Waltman Says More Talent Today Needs To Say No To Bad Ideas, Possibly Getting Heat, More

The Kliq has been one of the most powerful and influential groups in wrestling over the last 20-plus years. From Shawn Michaels, Diesel and Razor Ramon being the top WWF stars in the mid-1990s, to Triple H helping run the WWE today. With that, came a lot of hate.

Kliq member Sean Waltman spoke to WrestleTalkTV recently, and said jokingly that despite that power, WWE didn't bother sending him a copy of the Kliq Rules documentary. Waltman mentioned that even though the Kliq was resented, he wasn't necessarily.

"(People) at least didn't think I was an asshole or a prick like they thought of the other four," Waltman joked. "I loved people and always have. I might have had a different mentality where it came to competition than when it came to the other four."

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Waltman also said that he didn't have a problem saying no to bad ideas when he returned to the WWF in 1998, and thinks that talent today should speak up when given bad angles.

"Don't get me wrong, there were times when I was selfish. I didn't let anybody walk on me when I came back to WWF. I was more equipped to say 'I'm not f--king doing that, that sucks.' Guys need to start doing a little more of (that). I might get heat for saying this, but they need to start saying that," Waltman said.

You can see Waltman's full comments above.


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