The Great Khali Talks Relationship With Undertaker, Defeating Taker, Wife's Reaction To Kiss Cam

The Times of India has an interview with The Great Khali, who discussed his new wrestling promotion in India. Below are a few highlights:

His most cherished moment of his career:

"Obviously, winning the World Heavyweight Championship was a memorable moment but nothing tops the feeling of defeating the Undertaker. It announced my arrival to the world. People were curious to know who this man is who routed the Undertaker."

What his relationship with Taker and others was like outside of the ring:

"First of all, whatever you get to see on TV is completely real. The pain the fighters feel and the blood they shed are all real. The injuries that we sustain... I doubt that any sportsperson in the world would have received so many injuries. Similarly, the rivalry that you see on stage is also real. So, while the equation between two players might be cordial outside the ring, that doesn't mean they are friends. The grudge from the match remains."

His wife's reaction to the Kiss Cam angle:

"She wanted me to leave wrestling and return home."

Khali also discussed acting in films, if he's retired, pro wrestling's popularity in India and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: The Times Of India