TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Lashley Vs. Galloway, Roode Vs. Hardy, Knockouts, More

Welcome to our Live Impact Viewing Party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's show, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

Zema Ion vs. Ethan Carter III

Crowd seem strongly behind Carter here, interestingly enough. Carter gets DJZ in a hold. DJZ gets to the rope and the referee forces a break. Wristlock exchange. DJZ manages to out-quick Carter early on. Carter to the outside. Zema goes for a slide but Carter is able to get out of the way. Carter throws him back in the ring and heels it up to the fans. Ion gets a cross body and goes for th leglock but Carter kicks him out of the ring. Tyrus goes after Ion. Ref starts the countout as Carter throws Ion around at ringside. Carter tosses him into the post. Carter rolls him back in but only gets a two. Headlock by Carter, who is getting visibly frustrated. Zema fights back and takes to the air. He gets the DDT on Carter for the two. He goes for the hurricanrana but Carter turns it into the one percenter. Carter advances in the competition.

Winner: Ethan Carter

We get a promo for Tigre Uno and Gail Kim. Kim says nothing is different here just because she's fighting a dude. It's the same as taking on any other competitor. She tells Tigre she is going after the belt and will win the whole world title tournament.

Gail Kim vs. Tigre Uno

Gail goes for the roll up right away, but Uno gets out of it. She goes after him with kicks and punches. Uno seems puzzled by her ability to put up a real fight. He tries to take her down with a facehold. Gail goes for the Eat Defeat but Uno reverses it into the deathlock and sunset flip to get the two count. Octopus Hold on Uno and he panics and gets to the ropes. He tosses Gail out of the ring then goes for the plancha. He gets Gail back in the ring. She's able to hit a Frankensteiner. She goes for the leglock but Uno gets to ropes. Eat Defeat! But Uno reverses it with the sunset flip. Uno pins Gail to advance. This is was decent. Gail managed to look competitive without it coming off as ridiculous.

Winner: Tigre Uno

Davey Richards vs. Bram

Davey won with the inside cradle reversal to advance in the world title series. Good match and the result was probably the right one. Bram's heel work was good.

Winner: Davey Richards

Eli Drake promo. He says he aims to beat Sheera to advance in the competition.

Sheera hype promo.

Eli Drake vs. Sheera

Shera won with the Sky High to advance. This was fine by Sheera's standards.

Winner: Shera.

Bobby Roode vs. Matt Hardy

Lock up to start. Roode ducks out of the ring for a bit then returns and gets the headlock on Matt. Hiptoss by Matt to get out of it. Fans are chanting "Hardy!" Matt with a headlock as Roode tries to get out of it. Roode sends Matt to the outside. Matt clotheslines him. Matt charges but Roode gets out of the way and Matt goes into the post. Roode goes after Hardy's hard and slams it off of the steel steps. Matt is rolled back into the ring as Bobby continues to target his injured arm. Snapmare and necksnap from Roode. Matt goes for a Twist of Fake but Roode counters with the armbar. Matt is still in a lot of pain but gets to the ropes for the break. Roode is visibly mad. He charges and Matt but is met with a Side Effect. Two count. Bulldog from Matt onto Roode for another two. Matt tries for the Twist of Fate but Roode counters with the roll up. Two count. Roode goes for the armbar again. He tries for the Roode Bomb but Matt escapes and counters. Matt tries for the twist. Roode gets out of it. Roode heels it up to the crowd and is distracted. Matt kicks him and hits him with the Twist of Fate.

Winner: Matt Hardy

Drew Galloway talks about taking on Bobby Lashley. He reminds us that he has beaten Lashley before. Tonight he will beat him again.

Jessie Godderz vs. Awesome Kong

Godderz won via the tights, but Kong pretty much dominated him i this match. The announcers tell us that it's Matt Hardy vs. Godderz next week.

Winner: Jessie Godderz

Eric Young vs. Kenny King

King goes after Young's arm. They brawl in the corner and Young is trying to get a headlock in. King leapfrogs out of it and goes after Young's neck. Eric tries to shove him into the corner. He charges but misses and gets a kick to the head for his efforts. Flying Elbow from King. King throws Young out of the ring. Eric grabs him and they're both out now. Young stalls on the outside of the ring as the fans book him vociferously. Young throws King back in the ring and puts him a headlock. He sends King back out again. King fights back as Young in on the apron. They brawl. King hits a twisting corkscrew from the apron. Back in the ring King goes for suplex and roll up but only gets a two. He goes for the Royal Flush but Young rakes the eyes. He hits the spinebuster and piledriver for the one-two-three. Good match.

Winner: Eric Young

Bobby Lashley vs. Drew Galloway

Lashley won with the spear to go through to the final 8 in the title series. This was a pretty stiff match and both guys went all out. Not sure where Drew goes from here, though. Lashley will face Sheera next week.

Winner: Bobby Lashley


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