TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Final Impact On DA, Fatal Four Way, Previews, Eight-Man Match, More

Welcome to our Live Impact Viewing Party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's show, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

The show opens by plugging the move to Pop TV in January.

Matt Hardy preview video airs. They show highlights of Matt's title win at Bound for Glory in October. We get clips of Matt defeating Eddie Edwards, Robbie E, Bobby Lashley and Davey Richards through the series. He says he will hit A Twist of Fate and defeat Eric Young on the next show to advance.

Group Future Four vs. Group X Division

Group X won a high-flying match when Mandrews hit Eli Drake with the shooting star press. Story of the match was Group Future Four (Godderz, Micah and Crimson) getting tired of Eli throwing out orders and acting like a jerk, so they all left the ring and let the x division guys to destroy him with their finishers.

Winner: Group X Division

Lashley preview video. Aries vs. Lashley highlights are shown. Lashley challenges EC3 to fight him by himself and without Tyrus. EC3 says he doesn't want to have to fight Lashley again.

EC3 cuts a promo in Nashville. He says this title series is BS and complains again about Jeff Hardy costing him the belt. He brags about surviving the toughest group of the tournament. He says no one in TNA works harder and is better than him.

Eddie Edwards vs. Mr Anderson vs. Rockstar Spud vs. Bobby Roode

Good showcase match. Too bad few will see it due to the time change. Bobby Roode won when he cross arm-barred on Ken Anderson

Winner: Bobby Roode

Kurt Angle interview. He talks about having faced all the semi-finalists of the World Title Series. He seems to think Carter will win.

Bobby Roode highlight clips are aired.

Eric Young cuts a crazy promo and vows to win the WHC.

Funny skit with Ethan Carter showing off his home and fancy pool. He bullies the pool boy and brags about how men like Zema and Davey Richards can't possible compete with him. He insists he's not scared of Lashley. I feel sorry for the poor boy.

The show closes with the semi-main event roundtable. It was a decent segment, but really, it came off as a bit flat. It should have ended with a giant brawl or something. As it was, only Young seemed to show any real passion when he threatened Matt and said he'd drive him out of TNA.


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