Tyler Breeze Talks Working On WWE's Main Roster, How Billy Gunn Helped

As noted, Tyler Breeze recently spoke with Mike Mooneyham of The Charleston Post & Courier. The full interview is at this link. Below are a couple of highlights:

Coming to the main roster from WWE NXT:

"It's been a big change for me. As much fun as NXT was, it totally took a different turn up here. Working in front of sold-out houses and at events like Survivors Series, and working with someone like Dolph Ziggler, makes it a real pleasure to come to work."

Billy Gunn playing a big role in his development:

"He showed me the character and showmanship part of it. He is so over the top and helped bring that out of me. I wasn't very much like that before. I wanted to wrestle. I liked the wrestling moves and the athletic part of it. But I didn't really know the showmanship part of it, and he helped bring that out of me."

Breeze also discussed getting into the business, the big crowds vs. smaller NXT crowds and more in the full interview.

Source: Post & Courier


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