UFC 194 Conference Call: McGregor Says He'll Win In One Round, Will He And Aldo Touch Gloves? More

With UFC 194: McGregor vs. Aldo just a week and a half away, the media has begun for the big show. At 5 eastern, the company will be conducting a conference call, and Wrestling Inc will be on the line. You can see a video of the conference above, and refresh for updates.

* All of the main and co-main event stars are on the call.

* Aldo says he's now 100 percent after his summer injury.

* Conor McGregor said he loved the Ultimate Fighter experience.

* McGregor had his training camp in Dublin before flying back to the US west coast.

* Weidman says his diet has improved and he's never felt better. He didn't get out of shape between training camps.

* Rockhold says that Daniel Cormier has been valuable to his training camp for this fight.

* Aldo says that every fight is his biggest.

* Rockhold: Weidman is going to have think twice if he thinks his wrestling is going to dictate where the fight takes place.

* Aldo isn't sure of his fighting future after the McGregor fight.

* Conor McGregor says Chad Mendes hits like a b---h and these people aren't on his level.

* McGregor feels like a veteran celebrity and doesn't get caught up in it too much.

* McGregor: This is another fight, another KO, another gold belt. 'Honey, I'm home.'

* McGregor: There's no persona. I'm telling them what I'm doing, and I'm going to dissect them.

* Conor McGregor says he wants to fight the RDA/Cerrone winner and be a two-weight world champion

* Conor McGregor says he wants to fight the RDA/Cerrone winner and be a two-weight world champion

* Conor McGregor says nothing can stop him from taking over, and that's why he fought with an 80 percent torn ACL against Mendes. He criticized Aldo for pulling out with a bruised rib.

* Conor McGregor says he wasn't willing to flush his, the UFC's or the fan's money down the toilet by pulling out of his fight in July.

* Rockhold says Weidman has a lot of holes in his game.

* McGregor was afraid Aldo would get rushed back into training and he would get hurt again. He thinks Aldo will show up this time.

* Aldo says the weight cut with the injury was the problem, not McGregor hitting him. He says McGregor will go to sleep.

* Jose Aldo said he'll shake McGregor's hand after the fight. McGregor agrees and says he's respectful in the cage.

* McGregor said he can't imagine Aldo coming out for the second round.

* McGregor: When you KO a man inside one round, there's no need for a rematch.

* Weidman says he's fought people with better skill sets than Rockhold.

* McGregor would love to fight in Ireland, but respects good business.

* McGregor is open to acting in the future.

* Jose Aldo says he's happy that Conor McGregor is around because he makes Aldo money and helps the weight division, but he's still a joker.

* Aldo laughs at the idea he won't be at UFC 194. He says he'll be there and will win.

* McGregor says he's had a much better training camp for this fight than the first scheduled fight between the two.


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