UFC 194 Press Conference Recap: Conor McGregor, Jose Aldo, Chris Weidman, Luke Rockhold, Mendes

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's live coverage of the UFC 194 & TUF Finale Press Conference. You can watch the full video live above, and check out our updates throughout the event below. Conor McGregor, Jose Aldo, Chris Weidman, Luke Rockhold, Chad Mendes and Frankie Edgar will all be present and taking questions.


- McGregor says he's in a state of Zen. He's happy because it's been about 15 press conferences before getting to fight Aldo.

- Aldo didn't get to Las Vegas until yesterday.

- Edgar and Mendes don't prefer Aldo or McGregor, they just want to fight for the title.

- Dana White says before UFC 189, McGregor accepted the fight with Mendes with no hesitation. McGregor also offered to fight Poirier in Ireland.

- "Anything after the four minute mark of the first round is a formality."- Conor McGregor.

- Jose Aldo doesn't want to retire, he has a lot of time left in fighting.

- Weidman has something to prove to himself, and wants to see how good he really is.

- McGregor is asked about the odds, and says he feels like he's the favorite.


- Aldo says he'll finish the fight.

- Dana White says the UFC makes sure their athletes stay on top of their rehab, and that's one of the reasons the new UFC HQ is being made.

- Dana White won't speak about a rematch until the Aldo/McGregor fight is over.

- McGregor says he's going to be unpredictable and will put on a "masterpiece" for this fight.

- "He does the same thing over and over, it's predictable. That's his weakness"- Conor McGregor.

- Mendes said Aldo and McGregor are evenly matched but Aldo has an advantage in the ground game.

- Aldo doesn't dwell on the things McGregor says.

- McGregor wants to claim the top P4P spot on Saturday night.

- When asked if McGregor has spies in Aldo's camp, McGregor says "yes." Aldo smiles about it and says the spies are telling McGregor that Aldo will win.

- Aldo: I don't know who's making those odds, but if you want to make some easy money, bet on Jose Aldo.

- McGregor asked about Tyson Fury saying that he's copying his style. McGregor says he's his own man, but Tyson is an amusing character.

- Almost everyone is in suits but McGregor, and he says he's still the best dressed.

- 30 minutes in, Luke Rockhold gets his first question. He says he's not agitated about being overlooked, he's ready.


- Weidman jokingly says "ladies first" for Rockhold to answer a question first.

- Rockhold says there's mutual respect between he and Chris, but this is the world title, and food off of each other's plate.

- Rockhold says he has one more point to prove, and he's going to do it Saturday night.

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