Vince Russo's Nuclear Heat: Booking Vs. Writing, Introducing New Characters, Art Of The Vignette

In this edition of Nuclear Heat-Writers vs. Bookers, Vince discusses what he likes to call "setting the table for the talent"--creating superstars before they even set one foot into the ring. By looking closely at what worked, and what hasn't over the past 15 years, Vince makes his case as to why wrestling can't live on wrestling alone. From there, Vince gives you a birds eye view of the difference between writers writing the show compared to wrestlers booking the show. In his view it's the clear-cut reason why the WWE has lost millions of viewers over the years. And, finally Vince drives the point home that wrestling is a BUSINESS. The more people/customers that watch your product---the more money Kevin Owens makes to support his family. BIG PICTURE!!!

- Vince talks about his motives for his rants.
- Wrestlers needing to look at wrestling as a business.
- The art of the vignette.
- Wrestling fans vs. entertainment fans.
- His history as a wrestling fan and getting hired by WWE.
- Being a writer as opposed to a booker.

Topics include:

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