Vince Russo's Nuclear Heat: Kevin Owens Beef, How To Improve His Character, Bray Wyatt, More

In this edition of Nuclear Heat, Vince Russo follows up his guest appearance on Jim Ross' podcast this week by expanding on his feelings towards WWE's Kevin Owens. From there, Vince puts his money where his mouth is and deconstructs, the reconstructs Kevin's character. Kevin Owens' sent a retort to Russo earlier in the week, which caused quite a stir online. What will Russo have to say about Owens' character and development? Topics include:

- Russo speaking about his experience in pro wrestling.
- Addressing people who don't think he's relevant to wrestling.
- His beef with Kevin Owens.
- Coming up with the Val Venis character.
- How he came up with ideas for Edge and Christian.
- The difference between characters like Kurt Angle and Owens.
- Comparing Owens to other wrestlers without great physiques like Mick Foley and Bray Wyatt.
- How to improve Owens' character, how he would book Owens.

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