Vince Russo Responds To JBL, Says JBL And WWE Didn't Let Him Tell His Side Of The Story, More

As mentioned earlier, WWE color commentator and former WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield posted a Twitter response to comments that WrestlingInc's Vince Russo made in September about a WWE Network interview with Eric Bischoff. Russo has responded to JBL, issuing us a statement.

JBL said that he was proud of the interview, and despite not liking Russo, was willing to ask Russo to come on a show and voice his story. Russo said that wasn't the case.

"Like JBL, I have no disparaging feelings towards him whatsoever at this point in my life. The fact is that Eric Bischoff made some defamatory comments about me during his interview, which I publicly invited Eric to discuss to me man-to-man on my podcast - unfortunately I never got a response," Russo said.

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Russo then said that the WWE and JBL didn't allow him to tell his side, despite JBL making the offer on Twitter to do so.

'There are indeed two sides to every story. Fact is, JBL and the WWE chose to never allow me to tell my side. And, that's cool-but it is also a fact," said Russo.

The issues stem from Eric Bischoff's appearance on Legends with JBL from earlier this year, where Bischoff spoke out against Russo's handling of the infamous Hulk Hogan-Jeff Jarrett story at Bash at the Beach in 2000. Vince Russo voiced his opinion on the interview, and the story about him in particular in the video above, where he reiterated that Bischoff's side to the Bash at the Beach 2000 story wasn't the same as his.

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