Vince Russo Says USA Network May Force WWE To Get More Edgy Content

WWE's ratings have experienced a downward spiral throughout 2015, with no end in sight. The issue has been compounded by injuries to top stars, which have stifled an already creatively impaired Raw team. According to former WWE writer Vince Russo on last night's Wrestling Inc. podcast, things may change due to the network they're on.

Russo feels that eventually things will come to a head, and a face-off between WWE and USA Network will change things.

"I've heard there's been some rumbling from USA Network saying 'You know what? We may have to start getting more edgy.' USA Network doesn't want to be politically correct. That's not their call. That's coming from WWE," Russo said.

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Russo said that he feels that change will finally happen following a stand-off from both groups.

"Look at the other shows that are on USA Network from 9-11 at night! They're not puppet shows. That's all mandate from WWE. If it continues this direction, I think we're headed for a showdown between WWE and USA Network, and that's where you're going to see some changes," said Russo.

Hosts Russo, Sean Ross Sapp and Raj Giri go on to talk about several topics, including covering last night's episode of Monday Night Raw.

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