Vince Russo Talks Kevin Owens' Look, Why His Character Doesn't Compare To Other Overweight Wrestlers

Vince Russo has gained a giant amount of criticism regarding his own criticism of former NXT Champion Kevin Owens. To address this, Russo dedicated a supersized edition of Nuclear Heat to his issues with Owens.

Russo was critical of Owens' weight in the past, causing many fans to ask why Russo didn't criticize other overweight wrestlers. Russo addressed those questions, and said that Owens doesn't have a look that will make you look twice.

"Who looks like Mick Foley? He looks like a star," Russo said. "His body is weird, the hair, the missing teeth. Is he going to turn your head if you're at the mall? Yes he is. Because he looks like a freak and he's different. Is Kevin Owens going to turn your head at the mall? "

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Of course, not every overweight wrestler that found success had that look. Take Dusty Rhodes, for example. However, Russo says that people like Rhodes and Bray Wyatt have an intangible where you know their character when you see them. Something he says Owens lacks.

"Dusty Rhodes. Here comes Dusty. He would come down the ramp, shucking and jiving, oozing personality. Everybody loved the 'American Dream' Dusty Rhodes. People ask why I'm not picking on Bray Wyatt. It's simple. Bray Wyatt isn't depending on his wrestling skill in order to get over. Wyatt comes out, they hit the music, he's got the little lantern, the family with him. These guys live in the backwoods some place, they're all playing the part."

The character portrayed by these names takes them far, according to Russo. Speaking appears to be another big part of the criticism Russo has for Owens.

"I'm forgetting Dusty's a wrestler, forgetting Yoko's a wrestler, forgetting Bray's a wrestler. I know who they are as soon as they come out. Dusty tells you he's the common guy, the son of a plumber. Foley tells you he's a little demented, he's jumping off cages, you don't know what he's capable of, oh and he's smarter than you. Yoko didn't talk, that was part of it. Bray Wyatt, he's a hillbilly who lives in the back mountains, he's evil, he loves the dark side, it's apparent from the time he opens his mouth. The audience understands the character the moment he opens his mouth."

Russo, as well as the rest of the panel will talk more about Kevin Owens and his character following Raw on the live Wrestling Inc Podcast.

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