WWE Diva Launches Website, Posts First Q&A Video

- WWE's Renee Young has launched her official website at PrettyFunnyBlonde.com. Her first Q&A video can be seen above, where she answers recent questions she had fans tweet her. Renee posted this blog about her new site:


Internet friends unite!!! So I'm super stoked about this. I feel like I've been dreaming of putting together a real website for some time. Mostly so I can project my ideas and feelings onto you, friend. No but for real ? I've wanted to create this space so I can post stuff about my life and the things I love to do when I'm not on TV. Because that only shows part of my life. A part of my life that I love and now puts me in a better place to travel around the world, meet great people, some lame people, and also ? it coinsides with my shopping problem, all of which will be showcased here.

*(Authors note: right now my nails are the longest they've ever been, which makes me feel like a total adult lady, but its really effing with my typing right now. I've literally deleted about 8984020284 things because of my gaudy lady nails. BS. Long nails arent practical.)

OK back to business. I'm wearing a pantsuit while I type this.

Just kidding. i havent showered yet. Whatever. West coast time

So I really like to do crafts. I hate shopping, but I love putting together a solid outfits. I can cook like a MF, and I'm definitely gonna post some music stuff. Which means I need to figure out how to add a music page. Or something. I'm really learning as I go, basically becoming the Steve Jobs of this website.

So go ahead and subscribe, or send me a message about what you want to see on here!

OH MAN I'M EXCIIIIIITTTTEEEEEEDDDDD!!!! K i'm gonna work on some stuff ? bye, peace, namaste, etc.