WWE Live Event Results From Fayetteville (12/5): Kevin Owens Retains, Bayley Works Divas Match, Kane

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader Greg Williams and my good buddy Aaron Brunk for the following WWE live event results from Saturday night's show in Fayetteville, North Carolina:

From Greg Williams:

* Dolph Ziggler beat Tyler Breeze (w/ Summer Rae) in an excellent 20 minute match with many near falls. Ziggler finally hit the Superkick into a ZigZag for the win.

* Braun Strowman beat Damien Sandow in a squash match.

* The Prime Time Players & Curtis Axel won a six-man tag match over Los Matadors & Heath Slater. Titus picked up the win for his team.

* Kane defeated Bray Wyatt w/ Erick Rowan by pinfall in a very slow moving match.


* Becky Lynch & NXT Women's Champ Bayley won a tag match over Sasha Banks & Naomi (w/ Tamina). Becky was able to get Naomi to tap out to her submission finisher.

* Rusev (w/ Lana) beat Neville. After the match, Rusev continued to punish Neville. Ryback came out to make the save and leave Rusev laying in the ring. This allowed Neville to hit the Red Arrow on Rusev.

* Main Event for Intercontinental Championship: Dean Ambrose won by DQ over Kevin Owens after Owens used a chair. After the match, Owens tried to continue his onslaught, but Ambrose was able to reverse it and hit Owens with Dirty Deeds on a chair.

From Aaron:

* Dolph Ziggler defeated Tyler Breeze in one of the best matches of the night. Summer Rae got ejected for trying to cheat

* Braun Strowman defeated Damien Sandow, who got a really good pop and came out with his old gimmick

* The Prime Time Players and Curtis Axel defeated Los Matadores and Heath Slater, who got pinned after a Clash of the Titus

* Becky Lynch and WWE NXT Women's Champion Bayley defeated Sasha Banks and Naomi in a good Divas match with good reactions

* Kane defeated Bray Wyatt in a better-than-expected match. Erick Rowan was at ringside and tried to interfere but ate a chokeslam

* Rusev defeated Neville. Good heat for Lana and Rusev but nothing compared to what they used to get. Rusev attacked Neville after the match but Ryback made the save. He hit a Meathook and Neville hit Red Arrow to end the segment

* Dean Ambrose defeated WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens by DQ, Owens retains. Owens attacked Ambrose with a steel chair to cause the DQ. Great match, good heat and pops for both men


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