WWE NXT Live Event Results From Newcastle: Samoa Joe Vs. Apollo Crews, Finn Balor Vs. Sami Zayn

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. commenter Lawler'sA and Caleb Patel for the following WWE NXT live event results from tonight's show in Newcastle, England:

From Caleb:

* Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady with Carmella defeated Blake and Murphy in a hot opener


* Bull Dempsey defeated Tye Dillinger in a comedy match that had some good action

* Asuka defeated Alexa Bliss and Asuka was over big

* WWE NXT Tag Team Champions Dash and Dawson defeated Chad Gable and Jason Jordan in a really good match. Big pops for Gable and Jordan

* Samoa Joe defeated Apollo Crews in a really physical match

* WWE NXT Women's Champion Bayley defeated Emma with Dana Brooke, good match but Asuka vs. Bliss was better

* Neville defeated Baron Corbin to a huge hometown pop

* WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor defeated Sami Zayn. Huge pops for both men and a great match. Sami looked great and genuinely happy to be back

From Lawler'sA:

Wow. NXT Newcastle was InZayn. Yep... I went there. But seriously, this was the best wrestling show I've ever seen live. Everything from Sami Zayn's return to Roman Reigns getting the biggest heat of the night.... This show was incredible. It had an attitude era-like atmosphere with 90% of the crowd being adult male and every single member of the roster was over. I've never seen anything like it. I've been to countless WWE live events in Newcastle before but none of them compare to the atmosphere and intensity of tonight's show. NXT is truly taking over. Oh look! There's another pun! :P


Enzo & Cass vs Blake & Murphy

Enzo & Cass are so over it's not even funny. The crowd were so into them. They won the match with Enzo hitting an assisted plash from the top rope. Blake & Murphy got huge 'Who are ya?' chants.

Bull Dempsey vs Tye Dillinger

This was a really fun match with Bull ending up winning with a legdrop from the top rope. Tye got so many great chants. 10 10 10 10 10 10. '6 at best! 6 at best! 6 at best!'. A lot of 'this is BullFit' chants too!

Asuka vs Alexa Bliss

This match kinda killed the crowd unfortunately. This was partly due to Alexa constantly locking in armbar after armbar for several minutes. Just constant armbars. Not even a moss covered, three handled family grudunzle. Just more armbars. ;) Asuka won via submission.

Samoa Joe vs Apollo Crews

Great athletic match. I've never seen a guy jump and backflip so high! It was amazing to finally see Joe live. He won with the muscle bustaaaaahhhhh.

Jordan & Gable vs Dash & Dawson (Tag Team Title Match)

Jordan & Gable got one of the biggest pops of the night. Continuous and creative chants for them throughout the match. Mostly British sports related chants with their names added in. Jordan was loving it. Gable is amazing to watch. They lost via rollup with help from a handful of tights.


Bayley vs Emma (NXT Woman's Title Match)

Another great match. Bayley did the classic 10 punches spot in the corner and then started doing Tye Dillinger perfect 10 thing which got a great reaction. Bayler won with her finisher.

Corbin vs Neville

Huge pop for Neville! Red Arrow for the win.

Finn Balor vs Sami Zayn

Hands down the best match I've ever seen live. Huge pops for both. You can tell that Balor is a main event star just by his presence. These guys are literally breathtaking to watch. The match started off with a handshake and huge welcome back chants. It was a very back & forth match with each guy hitting great high impact spots and trading submissions. The match ended with Balor hitting the Diving Foot stomp after several attempts.

Funny Side Note:

Roman Reigns got the biggest heel heat of the night when an advertisement came on halfway through the show. You know that TLC commercial where he is in video game form? It was that one. Huge amount of boo's until Sheamus comes along and hits the Brogue kick which got a big pop. Haha.

NXT is awesome. Every single performer on this show was over. I've been to so many WWE live events but I've never heard the kinds of reactions that Enzo, Gable, Bayley, Balor, Zayn etc were getting. The NXT audience is just so much more involved and invested in the product. The crowd was hyped for the whole entire show. NXT London is going to be amazing.