WWE NXT Live Event Results From Blackpool: Finn Balor Defends, Joe Vs. Crews, Reigns Booed, Regal

Thanks to Wrestling INC. reader Philip (The Internet Champion) for sending us these results for tonight's WWE NXT live event in Blackpool:

Show started off with an Enzo and Cass promo and they were just fantastic. Great energy and really got the crowd going for the rest of the night. This led onto a Tag Team Title match against Dash And Dawson

Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder: NXT Tag Team Title match

Dawson and Dash were billed with their full names and got great heat as the crowd were firmly behind Enzo and Cass. Enzo played a babyface in peril role towards the end of the match and Big Cass on the hot tag is a sight to see. Dash and Dawson earlier on even teased the top rope knee drop which put Big Cass out of action. The match ultimately ended when Dawson rolled up Enzo with a hand full of tights to retain the titles.

Winners: Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder (Roll up)

Asuka vs Alexa Bliss

The crowd went a bit silent with this one due to Bliss' continuous use of armbar rest holds. It slowly picked up and Asuka hit many of her signature spots while Bliss remained resilient Asuka finally locked Alexa in the Asuka Lock after Bliss teased a comeback. Still a very solid match never the less.

Winner: Asuka (Asuka Lock)

Bull Dempsey vs Tye Dillinger

My goodness what a match. Those sat around me at the event didn't really know what to expect from these two squaring off as they've only seen them on TV. But from reading other live event reports I had a rough idea and my god the hilarity of this match. The 10 chants were out in fierce force until the end of the night after this one. Lots of taunting from Bull and Tye all resolving around Tye's 10 card. And chants of 1,2 and 5 were also thrown Tye's way. Outstanding comedy match with Bull's 'cartwheel' being a highlight. Bull picked up the win with the top rope seated senton.

Winner: Bull Dempsey (Top Rope Seated Senton)

Chad Gable and Jason Jordan vs Blake and Murphy

If you haven't seen it already. Then there were a solid 10-15 minutes of everyone in the crowd chanting for Gable and then Jordan and back to Gable and so on. Incredible as the two men just didn't know how to react and it was truly amazing to be apart of. These two have been over with the crowds all tour and the ovation they got tonight was just awesome. Blake and Murphy tried to heel it up while this was going on but no one was really paying attention to them but they did feed off them too and drew more heat their way. The match itself was filled with great moments too which led to even more chants and several comedy spots were mixed with great technical wrestling. At one point Blake got compared to Ex-Welsh footballer Robbie Savage which drew many laughs. Gable and Jordan picked up the win with the Grand Amplitude (Assisted Back Suplex)

Winner: Chad Gable and Jason Jordan (Assisted Back Suplex)

Next up was a William Regal promo and he got a great reception in front of his hometown. Incredibly well spoken and hilarious when chants from the previous matches were tweaked to fit in to Regal's name were thrown at him. Lots of "One more match" and "Thank you Regal" chants. Plenty of NXT chants too.

Nia Jax vs Carmella

Not much to note from this one other than this is the best I've seen Carmella in the ring. She got a good reaction with and some "How you doin!?" chants. She looked much better than what I've seen on TV. Jax got taken down a few times before coming back to win with the Spinebuster followed by the Leg drop.

Winner: Nia Jax (Legdrop)

Apollo Crews vs Samoa Joe.

Very good match with both men having their share of fans in attendance. Lots of chants thrown Apollo's way , many referring back to his Uhaa Nation days and their were definitely some PCW guys in attendance tonight. Apollo's standing moonsault is a bloody spectacle to see in person might I add and Joe even managed to kick out of it. Lots of chops too which drew plenty of WOOs. Joe got the win with the Muscle Buster.

Winner: Samoa Joe - Muscle Buster

Emma (with Dana Brooke) vs Bayley: NXT Women's Championship Match

Emma and Dana got a mixed reaction. Bayley's damn near tore the house down, Pretty much everyone was on their feet cheering for Bayley who even had the inflatable tube men in her entrance which we were all surpised to see. Several distractions from Dana soon got on the crowds nerves and her constant screaming resulted in some very NSFW chants thrown her way by some individuals. She was ultimately ejected which due some deafening cheers and Bayley mounted a comeback and from there Bayley finished Emma off with the Bayley to Belly/Hug-Plex to retain. Afterwards she did a lap of honour and literally hugged anyone who wanted one on the front row. She's gonna make the WWE millions if they book her right. What a star.

Winner: Bayley (Bayley to Belly)

Baron Corbin vs Finn Balor vs Sami Zayn: NXT Championship Match

Corbin was out to lots of heat and many felt like he didn't deserve to be there as by this point eveyone knew the main event was Balor vs Zayn so that only added to Corbin's heat. Balor was out next to a massive reaction and the crowd were loving him and his entrance then came the triumphant return of Sami Zayn with surely the biggest pop of the night. The match itself was rarely a triple threat as one man was always out on the outside with Corbin being out the picture for Zayn and Balor copying each other's entrances whilst wearing each other's jackets and for Balor, Zayn's hat. The Zayn kept getting knocked of the apron whilst Balor and Corbin went at it. Zayn nearly stole the win with a 2 count off a Blue Thunder Bomb. The ending ultimately came when all three men clashed in the corner with Corbin catching Zayn in a spinning side slam only for Balor to come raining down with a Coup De Grace onto both men and he pinned Corbin to retain.

After the match Zayn took the mic and said it was his first night saying a few words after his matches on the tour. He praised the crowd and he said it would be tough for London to beat us and then praised Balor for accomplishing and surpassing everything he has done in NXT. This led to an embrace between the two and then Zayn called for Robbie Brookside to come out which he did and he spoke highly of Blackpool and said it was a great place and how it was were it all began for William Regal and him. Lots of NXT chants to end it.

Winner: Finn Balor (Coup De Grace)

Further note: All mentions of Roman Reigns in video packages were booed and everything TLC related was booed or met with no reaction at all. Because who cared at that point in time.


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