WWE NXT Live Event Results From Nottingham: Finn Balor Vs. Sami Zayn Vs. Baron Corbin, Samoa Joe

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader Dean Ellis for sending this report for tonight's WWE live event in Nottingham:

I've just got back from the NXT live event in Nottingham, here's the results and my thoughts for you.

* Enzo & Cass beat Blake & Murphy. Enzo & Cass were over huge. Cass can wiggle better than Big E. Enzo & Cass ooze charisma. If they tighten up their ring work a tiny bit, they will be a hit on the main roster. Had the whole crowd, which was probably only a few hundred seats from being sold out, on their feet for their entrance/promo.

* Bull Dempsey beat Tye Dillinger. Dillinger got the bigger pop of the two. Good comedy match. Bull ran the ropes before the match and tired himself out, then he struggled to get his top off. Lots of back and forth chants of "10" & "Bull". Dillinger tried to leave the match after being wedgied by Bull, only for Bull to give chase and bring him back to the ring by dragging him with a wedgie. Dillinger was doing his 10 signs all around the ring only to be met by Bull grabbing his hands and doing dual star jumps when Dillinger got in his face.

* Samoa Joe beat Apollo Crews. Both guys were over big. Apollo got "Uhaa" chants, Joe got his usual "Joe is gonna kill you" chants. Stiff match. Joe kicked out of the standing moonsault, then went on to hit the muscle buster for the win. Joe VS Balor is going to be great on Wednesday.

* Asuka & Bayley beat Emma & Nia Jax (with Dana Brooke). Asuka was over big with the crowd, but Bayley was over huge. Bayley's entrance had the dancing tube things. Asuka was having fun & danced in the ring for the whole of Bayley's entrance. The crowd was singing "Hey, hey Bayley, ooh ahh, I want to know, if you'll be my girl" to which she screamed yes, which got a pop from the crowd. Good match. At one point during Asuka kicking Emma in the chest multiple times whilst she was on her knees, Emma was knocked clean onto her back, which looked like it wasn't meant to happen, as she popped straight back up and they continued as if it didn't happen. Emma is good at playing the heal, used tricks such as standing on Asuka's hair and pulling her up. Jax got chants of "Rocky's Cousin", hopefully the Full Sail crowd don't start chanting it at her, as she has a good upside. Asuka & Bayley won after Bayley got the hot tag and hit the Bayley to Belly.

* Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder beat Chad Gable & Jason Jordan. Gable & Jordan are stars, way better than WGTT ever were. They easily got the biggest pop of the night, along with Sami Zayn. Crowd was chanting "Gable, Gable, Gable, Gable, Gable, Gable, Gable, Gable - Jordan, Jordan, Jordan, Jordan, Jordan, Jordan, Jordan, Jordan" - to the tune of the Yaya Toure/Kolo Toure football/soccer chant. You could tell Gable & Jordan were enjoying it as they joined in multiple times. Jordan is everything & more that they wanted Shelton Benjamin to be, Gable is so technically sound with the ground work & suplexes it is unbelievable. I hope they don't split these to up anytime soon. Dawson & Wilder won after Gable went to suplex the bald one back into the ring & the one with hair pulled his feet from under him and then held them down after the bald one had landed on top. Great match.

* Carmella beat Alexa Bliss. Good match for what it was. Not as many recovery holds as reports from other events have mentioned. Carmella is no longer the Princess of Staten Island, she is now the Princess of Nottingham. Looked like Carmella hurt her left shoulder/arm during the match, if she was selling, she was selling it good.

* Finn Balor beat Baron Corbin & Sami Zayn. Finn Balor & Sami Zayn were over huge. Zayn was over that much even Balor was smiling like a little schoolgirl. Corbin left the ring at the beginning of the match but kept grabbing Balor or Zayn until they had enough and went after him outside the ring. Funny bit during the match when Zayn saw Balor's jacket in the corner of the ring and teased the crowd before putting it on, much to the objection of Balor. Zayn then did Balor's pose on each side of the ring until the fourth time, when Balor entered the ring & Zayn froze midway through the pose. Balor then put Sami's jacket on, before getting Sami's hat, spinning round in a circle about 20 times, teasing the crowd before finally putting it on & doing Sami's poses, etc. Balor won after he went to the top to hit the Coup de Grace on Sami Zayn, only for Sami to get up on the ropes to suplex Balor, Baron Corbin then got up and got Sami into the powerbomb position, Balor managed to stay on the top rope, while Sami jumped over Corbin's head only to turn around into Corbin's finisher. Balor then hit the Coup de Grace on Corbin while he was pinning Sami, for the win. Great match. Corbin more than held his own against Balor & Sami. After the match Balor & Sami took it in turns raising each other's arms before doing the same to Corbin, only for Corbin to attack them when their backs were turned, bit of a melee before Balor & Sami took him out. Corbin slapped the referee as he was leaving ringside only for the ref to go all hulk mode and give as good as he got. Not sure if it was legit heat between the two or not, but bloody well looked like it, so if it wasn't then they sold it good. Balor & Sami then continued to praise each other, raising arms, bowing down, etc. before doing an Irish jig.

Biggest Pops
1. Sami Zayn
2. Chad Gable & Jason Jordan
3. Bayley / Enzo & Cass / Balor
4. Crews / Dillinger / Joe
5. Bull Dempsey

Best Matches
1. Chad Gable & Jason Jordan VS Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson
2. Apollo Crews VS Samoa Joe
3. Baron Corbin VS Finn Balor VS Sami Zayn

1. Great event, made even better by a great crowd. Can't wait for Wednesday. Would give it ****1/2 out of 5 overall.
2. William Regal received a godlike reception.
3. Greg Hamilton needs to be calling a main roster show ASAP. His enthusiasm for wrestling is so infectious.
4. Big Cass, Buddy Murphy & Dolph Ziggler are very lucky men. Alexa Bliss & Dana Brooke look amazing in person, Asuka & Emma pretty damn good looking as well.


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