WWE NXT Recap (12/9): Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, Apollo Crews, Baron Corbin, Bayley, Asuka All In Action

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of WWE NXT. Tonight's show will serve as the go-home edition before next week's big NXT Takeover: London event!

Enzo & Cass (w/ Carmella) vs. Corey Hollis & John Skyler

Enzo and Cass come to the ring dead serious, no intro. Cass beats the living hell out of Corey Hollis, before Enzo tags in and kills Skyler with an awesome body press and a dropkick. Big Boot, Rocket Launcher, Enzo and Cass win!

Winners: Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady via pinfall (Rocket Launcher)

Enzo said that's how he puts food on the table, and he's not letting Dash and Dawson aren't going to keep him from providing for his family. Enzo's promo is fantastic. Cass follows up. This was really good.

- Emma is backstage with Dana Brooke, and Emma says she paved the way in NXT for all of these divas. Dana says they'll be watching Asuka's match tonight, because they're in control.

- Another weird Elias Samson guitar vignette.

Asuka vs. Deonna

Asuka grabs a quick armbar before Deonna makes it to the ropes. Emma and Dana come out and distract Asuka, but she lands a big spin kick anyway that knocks out Deonna. Emma and Dana are terrified.

Winner: Asuka via KO (Spinning Wheel Kick)

- The Hype Bros are backstage, and Mojo says that he bets Murphy and Blake take dumps at the club. Alexa is with Blake and Murphy and blames them for the loss to Bayley. Blake and Murphy says they'll take care of business tonight.

Blake and Murphy (w/ Alexa Bliss) vs. Hype Bros

Mojo takes both heels out with shoulder blocks and sends them outside where Ryder hits a suicide drop kick. Ryder lands double knees, a dropkick and a clothesline before getting taken down by Murphy. Ryder is worked over in Blake an Murphy's corner. Mojo is attacked, prompting him to try to get in the ring, only to be stopped by the ref, allowing more double teaming.

Ryder counters a double team attack and makes the hot tag to Mojo, who is HYPED. About seven shoulder blocks later Mojo hits a big discus punch, but gets his eyes raked and superkicked. Ryder breakes the count and they hit the Hype Ryder for the win.

Winners: Hype Bros via pinfall (Hype Ryder)

- Samoa Joe and Baron Corbin are backstage. Joe says that Balor couldn't give him a title match after being there for him. Corbin says they'll put a beating on Balor and Crews tonight.

Bayley vs. Peyton Royce

Royce has a bit of a persona change, and gets some early offense with an elbow, forearm and running knee. A few kicks in the corner get Royce a two, as does a spinning kick. Bayley comes back with a suplex, then wins with the Bayley-to-Belly.

Winner: Bayley via pinfall (Bayley-to-Belly)

Nia Jax is out with Eva to huge heat, and she says Bayley wouldn't be champion if Nia had been around sooner.

- We look back at Sami Zayn vs. John Cena.

- Apollo Crews is backstage with Balor. He says that after he beats Corbin in London, he's coming after the NXT Title.

Finn Balor & Apollo Crews vs. Baron Corbin & Samoa Joe

There's a game of "stay away from the guy I'm wrestling at the PPV" to start, which leads to crews dropkicking Samoa Joe. We come back from commercial to see Joe and Corbin working over Crews in their corner. Corbin posts himself, allowing Balor to get the hot tag.

Balor lands shots on Joe, taking him off his feet with a running forearm. Balor escapes a Muscle Buster, and Crews sends Corbin outside with a clothesline. Joe scores a series of knees, but eats a Slingblade from Balor. Dropkick in the corner lays Joe out, but Corbin pushes Balor off the top rope. Joe hits a Deathv Valley Driver and chokes Balor out.

Winners: Samoa Joe & Baron Corbin via ref stoppage (Kokina Clutch)


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