WWE NXT Results From Sheffield: Finn Balor Vs Sami Zayn Vs Baron Corbin, Samoa Joe Vs Apollo Crews

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. readers Adam Wragg and Joe Atherton for sending in these results from tonight's WWE NXT live event in Sheffield, England:

From Joe Atherton:

Just got back from NXT Sheffield and wow. What a great house show. Really wetted the appetite for Takeover London.

* Opener was Enzo & Cass v Blake & Murphy. Thunderous ovation for team SAWFT. Crowd love Enzo who had them eating out the palm of his hand. Fun match. Plenty of dancing from enzo, flexing from Blake. Hot tag to big Cass who cleared house, air enzo for the 3 fall. Comedy match from Bull Dempsey & Tye Dillinger. Crowd were really into both with duling "Let's go bullfit/Perfect 10" chants. The ref confiscated Dillinger's 10 sign, but he had a mini 10 sign in his knee pads. Genius. Bull stole it off him, threatened to eat it, then stuck it down his pants. Later in the match bull retrieved the mini 10 sign and stuck it in Tye's mouth. Tye's selling of this was priceless. Sit down splash off the 2nd rope for bull seals the win.

* Apollo Crews v Samoa Joe. Both men were very over with the crowd, both of these very big on the indie scene here. Joe probably edged it but plenty of support for crews, lots of "uuh ah" chants. Joe wins a very physical match with the the muscle buster after both men scored a few near falls.

* NXT Women's title match between Emma and Bayley. Bayley got as big a pop if not bigger than enzo & cass. Plenty of "let's go Bayley/let's go Emma" chants but the majority of the crowd really behind the champ. Bayley hit a nice arm drag and started doing a Dillinger 10 chant. Emma dominated most of the match with help from Dana Brooke distractions. The ref eventually threw Dana out when he caught her holding Bayley's leg. Bayley to Belly and that's all she wrote. Great showing from both. Emma works so well as a heel.

* Next the biggest pop of the night for my boys, Jason Jordan and GableGable. Sheffield (and every town on this tour so far) adore these two. "Gable, gable gable/Jordan, Jordan Jordan" chants to 90's techno bans 2 Unlimited song "no limit" (YouTube it kids!). The smile of both of these guys face is infectious. They caught Dash & Dawson for the tag titles. Solid chain wrestling from both teams. The match got interrupted by some idiot who stormed the ring. Dash & Dawson led the crowd in a chorus of "na na na na, waahaaay, goodbye" as security threw him out. Jordan & Gable with numerous near falls but fell short to a schoolboy and a handful of tights. They looked heartbroken at the end. Crowd gave them a standing ovation with "you are awesome" chants as they shook hands and thanked the fans.

* Asuka v Carmella match. Flatest match of the night. Crowd weren't sure who to get behind with both being face. Carmella held her own but Asuka won via submission. Both hugged it out at the end.

* Main event saw a triple threat match for the NXT title. Out came baron Corbin to the biggest heat of the night. Next comes out Finn to a great ovation. Sami Zayn's music comes on and the place goes nuts. Huge "welcome back" chants. Finn claps him and pats him on the back. Corbin rolls his eyes and does a sarcastic clap. Match starts with Corbin rolling out the ring, letting Zayn and Finn go at it. He then sneaks attack both. Finn and Zayn lay Corbin out. Zayn tries on Finns leather jacket and mocks his raised arm pose. Finn gets sami's jacket and flat cap and starts shanking in the ring. Hilarious spot. Corbin flattens both. Back and forth match with usual high spots. Zayn looks in great condition. Match ended when Zayn looked to suplex Finn off the top rope but Corbin sneaks in with a huge powerbomb on Zayn. 1...2...Finn hits the coup de grass on Corbin to retain. Show ends with Zayn and Finn hugging, high fiving the crowd and dancing.

Great show. I urge all wrestling fans to go watch NXT. Something the WWE is doing right!

From Adam Wragg:

Enzo & Cass v Blake & Murphy (w/ Alexa Bliss)

Loud crowd, great interactivity, how ya doin chants almost deafening. Solid opening match, Blake & Murphy got a lot of heat.

Winners via Pinfall: Enzo & Cass

Bull Dempsey v Tye Dillinger

Lots of Bullfit and Ten chants before match started. Bell rings and a Bull is gorgeous chant breaks out. Lots of crowd interactivity, comedy element excellent. Tye gets great heel heat.

Winner via pinfall: Bull Dempsey

Wrestlemania 32 promo airs, crowd cheers.

Apollo Crews v Samoa Joe

Apollo and Joe both come out to huge pops. Crowd is pumped before the bell even rings. Great technical start, neither man gaining an advantage. Absolutely awesome high flying from Crews, crowd is 50/50. More great action, Joe hits muscle buster for pin.

Winner via pinfall: Samoa Joe

Breaking ground promo airs.

Bayley v Emma (w/ Dana Brooke)

Emma comes out to a 50/50 reaction, where as Bayley comes out to a crazy loud pop. Huge Bayley's gonna hug you chant. A technical start to the match, crowd interaction at the start fantastic. More great action, even let's go Emma and let's go Bayley chants that continue throughout most of the match. Dana Brooke ejected from ringside due to interference. Bayley wins with a Bayley to belly.

Winner via pinfall: Bayley

Post match, Nia Jax comes from the back and stared down Bayley. Nia goes on ring apron but retreats to the back again.

A TLC promo airs


William Regal comes out to a massive pop to thank the crowd. Huge NXT chant breaks out.

Jason Jordan & Chad Gable v Wilder & Dawson (Tag Title Match)

Jordan and Gable come out to a huge pop, Dash and Wilder get booed strongly.
Fans firmly behind Gable & Jordan, action starts. Wilder and Dawson gain an advantage and a Save the Gable chant starts followed by a strong this is wrestling chant. Advantage swings back and forth between both teams in a solid effort by both teams. Fast pace from Gable & Jordan continues until Wilder and Dawson gain an advantage. Gable thrown out of ring and gets in at a 6 count. Fan jumps rail and gets dragged out prompting a what a bellend chant, disrupting the match. Action resumes. Wilder and Dawson have the advantage and Save the Gable chant resumes. Wilder and Dawson retain advantage with Gable nearly making a tag. Both wrestlers down but Wilder and Dawson keep advantage via a distraction. Attempted splash reversed by Gable. Finally tags in Jordan, Jordan dominates both Wilder and Dawson and the action is fantastic. Gable gets the tag and distraction causes Wilder and Dawson to retain.

Winners via pinfall: Wilder and Dawson

Post match respect for Gable and Jordan as Wilder and Dawson leave. As Gable and Jordan leave, crowd chants you are awesome.

Carmella v Asuka

Carmella comes out to a pop, followed by a really loud pop for Asuka. Both women are over before the match starts. Asuka gets crowd going as the match starts, how ya doin chant begins followed by an Asuka's gonna kill ya. Near falls for Carmella and the crowd cheers and claps. Women's wrestling chant starts, Carmella gains an advantage, and how ya doin chant starts again. Asuka takes back advantage with great offence and a near fall. Carmella escapes the submission hold and makes space, takes back advantage. Carmella gets another near fall. Carmella attempts roll up but Asuka counters into an Asuka lock for the win.

Winner via submission: Asuka

Show of respect for both women post match.

NXT Takeover London promo airs

Finn Balor v Baron Corbin v Sami Zayn (NXT Title Match)

Corbin comes out first to a mixed reaction, followed by Balor to an epicly loud pop, very loud Finn chants. Zayn is out last and Ole chants are REALLY loud, getting the pop of the night in my opinion. A welcome back chant fills the whole arena with more cheers. During introductions, Zayn and Balor get a huge pop, I should have brought ear protectors.

The match starts with another loud ole chant followed by an NXT chant. Corbin leaves the ring to boos and plays chicken. Corbin gets huge heel heat, continuing to duck Balor and Zayn. Balor and Zayn ambush Corbin taking turns chopping. Corbin rolled in and Zayn and Balor double team. With Corbin on the outside, Balor and Zayn continue the match. Ole chants start again and the action is extremely fast paced. Crowd cheers the effort by Balor and Zayn. Zayn then mocks Balor and Balor returns the favour. Corbin ambushes both Balor and Zayn taking both by surprise to massive boos. He singles out Balor. Corbin gets a near fall. Corbin Irish whips Balor into Zayn and Corbin continues to dish out punishment. Zayn has brief momentum until Corbin again dominates. Zayn mounts apron will Balor is splashed, Zayn fights his way back in. Balor and Zayn double team Corbin, clothelining him to the outside. Zayn dives into Balor and Corbin on the outside. Zayn rolls Balor back in and Balor takes the advantage. Corbin is back in but Zayn capitalises and gets a near fall while Balor is down. Corbin then gets near falls on both Balor and Zayn. Corbin keeps advantage, Balor gets feet up, and after an exchange, all three competitors are down. Crowd starts chanting this is awesome. All three get back to their feet and Balor now has advantage. Zayn takes advantage of Balor for a brief moment and it goes back in Balor's favour. Action is manic and Balor retains.

Winner via pinfall: Finn Balor

Post match, crowd is on their feet. Antics after the match ensure the crowd go home happy.

Overall review:

A show that I'm glad I went to, not one bad match on the card and would have been if not for the rail jumping idiot. Best show I've been to all year. Can't wait for Takeover : London


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