WWE Tribute To The Troops Results: 16-man Match, Divas, Star Wars, More

Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Live WWE Tribute to the Troops Viewing Party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's show, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

We open with JoJo singing the National Anthem.

Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and The Uso brothers come out to pay tribute to the troops. The League of Nations interrupt. Sheamus says America perhaps isn't the greatest country in the world. The horror! The sheer horror! How dare he? Barrett says Americans' teeth and food are shameful. Del Rio says American TV is poor (has he not see Breaking Bad?) Roman is super mad with patriotic rage and whatnot. The Dudleyz, The Wyatts and Ryback come out. Now we have a brawl.

A 16-man main event featuring everyone in the opening bit is announced for later on this evening.

Adam Levine and other celebrities praise WWE and the US troops.

Lana, with Rusev, cuts a promo in Russia backstage.

Rusev (accompanied by Lana) vs Jack Swagger in a Boot Camp Match

Jack Swagger won with the Ankle lock submission after sending Rusev into a mental box prop in between the ropes and applying the move. Yes, Swagger actually won something.

Winner: Jack Swagger

More celebrity videos, including one with Harrison Ford, air. He's got a bad feeling about the rest of this show.

Bo Dallas vs. Mark Henry

Dallas came out in an absurd outfit. Henry pinned him in under a minute with the World's Strongest Slam.

Winner: Mark Henry

The US women soccer team praise the armed forces.

Lillian Garcia introduces nondescript band Train, who perform.

Wesley Snipes, aka Passenger 57, thanks the US troops.

Kevin Owens comes out and praises Canada. Well, Canada is a perfectly nice country, isn't it? What's wrong with that? Regardless, this brings out Ryback in an angry rage. He hates Canada, I guess. The nerve.

Kevin Owens vs Ryback

Ryback got the victory via countout after Owens got fed up of being brutalized and left.

Winner: Ryback

Backstage promo video with Roman Reigns and Coca Cola.

Howie Mandel (the dude from the show with all the briefcases) comes out and does something only vaguely resembling a stand up act.

We get a message from JJ Abrams. A director everyone loves. Except George Lucas, probably.

Sasha Banks, Tamina, Naomi and Paige vs. Brie Bella, Alicia Fox, Charlotte and Becky Lynch

Banks won a short match after hitting the Banks Statement submission move on Alicia Fox.

Winners: Sasha Banks, Tamina, Naomi and Paige

Train comes out for another generic song. I still don't know who these people are.

Neil Patrick Harris thanks the troops. But still rudely refuses to apologize for HIMYM's terrible ending.

Tony Keith thanks the troops.

Chris Collingsworth thanks the troops.

Everyone on planet Earth thanks the troops.

Reigns, the Usos, Ambrose, the Dudleyz, Kane and Ryback vs. Sheamus, Barrett, Rusev, Del Rio, Luke Harper, Braun Strowman and Erick Rowan

Decent match; the faces won when Ambrose pinned Harper with the Dirty Deeds.

Winner: Reigns, the Usos, Ambrose, the Dudleyz, Kane and Ryback

The show ends with the good guys all celebrating in the ring and thanking the troops.


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