Adam Cole Talks Wanting To Headline WrestleMania, How He'd Deal With Dropped Angles In WWE, Goals

On episode 63 of Sam Roberts' Wrestling Podcast, Ring Of Honor's Adam Cole talked about his goals and how he would handle working for a company like WWE, where storylines are dropped abruptly.

When asked about his goals in professional wrestling, Cole stated that he would like to tour Japan a lot more this year. Also, Cole acknowledged that he would like to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion and headline a WWE WrestleMania one day.

"Now that I'm back from injury, completely back in full force, I would love to get some serious tours of New Japan [Pro Wrestling] in this year. That would be my number one goal for this year for sure." Cole said, "if I can retire and say, 'yeah, I did everything I'd like to do in wrestling', that would be awesome, but those goals obviously include a lot more tours of Japan, main eventing a WrestleMania, [and] being a WWE Champion, so I have a long way to go when it comes to that."

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As for whether he would be frustrated working for a company like WWE that changes and drops storylines abruptly, Cole said that type of situation is not preferred, but he will be prepared.

"I've definitely been in a lot of scenarios where stuff is planned and stuff gets changed, whether it be a week before, a day before, or an hour before. That's just part of wrestling, so I think I'd be prepared with that. Creatively, would it be frustrating? Maybe, but it's all circumstantial." Cole added, "they're job is to create the outline for the painting and we're going to paint it in with the best colors that we can to make it work, so we're not the bookers or the producers or we're not creative. Our job is to do what they tell us to do and add our own spice to it, but make it work for them, so they go, 'okay, this is exactly where I want this story to go'."

In addition to these topics, Cole discussed his fondness for working PWG events, his 'baby' catchphrase, and much more. Click here to listen to the podcast. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Sam Roberts' Wrestling Podcast with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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