Alberto Del Rio appeared on the Fox Sports Mexico program FOX Para Todos last week, which you can watch in Spanish at this link. During the interview, Del Rio spoke highly of Kalisto and noted that he was paying it forward for Kalisto.

“Kalisto is someone with a lot of talent,” Del Rio said. “The rivalry between us is only in the ring. I’m doing the same thing for Kalisto that Rey Mysterio did for me. When I first got to WWE, Rey Mysterio introduced me to all the people I had to meet. He guided me and gave me all the advice that I needed to know to succeed in the company. Now I’m doing the same thing for Kalisto to see if he can have the same success I had. Hopefully there’s more Mexican wrestlers in WWE one day.”

Del Rio was also shown pictures of various stars and was asked what he thought about them:

AJ Styles: “Tremendous talent.”

The Rock: “One of the biggest stars in history.”

Undertaker: “We call him the ‘Godfather of Wrestling’.”

John Cena: “A great rival and I have a lot of respect towards him.”

Roman Reigns: “A young promise now turned into a reality.”

Kalisto: “I wish him the best in his life and his career.”

Rusev: “My “Compadre” I call him “Ramiro” since his name is Miro.”

Paige: “Well, what can I say. I’ll introduce her to my nephew.” (laughing)

Dean Ambrose: “A great talent and even crazier outside the ring.”