Chavo's WWE - Coke Analogy, Watch Lucha Underground Online, LU Comic Book, Win Mil Muertes Poster

- The much anticipated second season of Lucha Underground kicks off tonight on El Rey Network, which features Rey Mysterio. In anticipation of tonight's debut, El Rey Network has released the first of four original comic books for free download at this link. The debut issue, scripted by Fabian Rangel Jr. with art by A.C. Osorio, follows Mysterio's voyage to the Lucha Underground temple. The next three comics will be released bi-weekly and will help bridge story lines in between seasons and offer new information into the lives of Vampiro, Catrina, Mil Muertes, Dario Cueto among others. We will provide download links as they become available.

- As noted, Chavo Guerrero spoke to Wrestling Inc. about the new season of Lucha Underground, which you can read here. In the interview, Chavo discussed Lucha Underground being a clear alternative to WWE.

"I say that WWE is the Coca-Cola of wrestling. They're the brand," Chavo told Wrestling Inc's Sean Ross Sapp. "Everyone tries to compare themselves to WWE. If you make another brand like WWE, you're a knockoff, you're RC Cola. If you make a completely new beverage, you're making your own thing. That's what Red Bull did. They made themselves an energy drink. Then Monster and Rockstar came out. I'm glad we redefined wrestling, and I really feel we did that. People will watch other wrestling shows, and if you're not a wrestling fan, it's hard to get immersed in that product. If you're a wrestling fan, it's a great TV show. If you're not a wrestling fan, you don't have to be, but you'll be a fan of our show because it's that compelling. We make every character mean something. There's no throwaway characters or job characters. If they can't do that, they just won't be on the show. We have great writers in Chris DeJoseph and our writers. They're just so good at what they do."

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- If the El Rey Network is not available in your area, you can watch it live online at fuboTV, which allows fans to stream the El Rey Network and also watch their favorite clubs, players, and leagues online, with live sport games streaming to all their favorite devices. You can sign up for fuboTV by clicking here.

- We are giving away 10 signed Mil Muertes posters to our readers in the U.S. Simply follow us on Twitter @WrestlingINC and tweet this article link with #WINCLuchaUnderground. Winners will be notified later this week via Direct Message on Twitter.


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