TNA Wrestling held a sporadic tradition on this week’s episode of TNA Impact, with their Feast or Fired match taking place. The match sees four participants grab briefcases, with three earning title shots, and the fourth fired. Chavo Guerrero let us in on his personal horror story involving the match, and as it turns out, we have another.

When speaking to Lucha Underground’s Shawn Daivari for the Muhammad Hassan feature we released earlier this week, I asked about his own experience as a loser in the Feast or Fired match. The story he told was shocking.

“This is how much of a hot head I am. We were going to do this Feast or Fired thing, and me and Cody Deaner were supposed to come down with the briefcase at the same time for a tie. The following episode of Impact was going to be a live one, and it was going to be Hogan and Bischoff’s first Impact. They were coming in with creative control, and Bischoff was going to be a producer on the show. Terry Taylor tells us Bischoff is going to decide if he really wants to keep us around. We were going to have a match on the following live Impact. The winner got the (unknowingly losing) briefcase. We open the loser briefcase, and we’d be like ‘I don’t want it, I didn’t win it, you won it,'” Daivari said.

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This sounds like a plausible story line for a wrestling program, but it wasn’t just a story line, it was real. Bischoff was to decide on the spot who really was being cut from TNA Wrestling. Daivari said that this didn’t sit well with him and he blew up about it.

“Bischoff was going to legit decide who was going to stay on the show. I was so mad and frustrated that was a question, because I just signed a new contract with them. I was so f–king pissed. We just signed this contract after they were dragging their heels, so I was like ‘f–k this, give me the briefcase, it’s my last night, if you’re not going to fire me, I quit. Give me the briefcase and let me get the f–k out. I don’t want to wait for Bischoff, let’s do it tonight.’ Terry said he had to ask Dixie, so he went and told Dixie how pissed I was and she said ‘fine, if he wants to go, let him go.’ The worst part is I thought I was possibly saving Cody Deaner’s job, but they ended up firing him anyway! It’s pretty s–tty,” said Daivari.

The angle in questioned happened from December 2009 to early 2010. After Feast or Fired, Daivari would never wrestle in TNA again outside of a 2011 dark match. In 2015, he joined the Lucha Underground roster.

We’ll have more from Daivari soon here on Wrestling Inc, including the full transcript of my conversation with him about his 2005 WWE run with Muhammad Hassan. You can hear a preview of the interview in the audio player below.