DDP On Talk With Randy Orton Over RKO, Rooming With Steve Austin, Jake The Snake Movie

Diamond Dallas Page was a guest on last night's episode of the Wrestling Inc Podcast (which you can check out above), and during his hour on the program, he discussed a ton of topics from throughout his career.

DDP, who made the Diamond Cutter famous, talked about Randy Orton using the move and how he gave the then-prodigy his blessing to use it.

"I literally called Randy the day I knew I was retiring from WWE," Page said. "I told him I wanted him to use it. He had just got out of surgery, so he didn't even remember this conversation. I told him I'd really love for him to do it. Michael Hayes and Johnny Ace got with him and worked with him on the version he started doing," Page said.

DDP then said that he heard that Orton and himself had heat, until they resolved the issue. The two then discussed a possible angle in the future.

"I'd heard some things that Randy wasn't talking favorably about me and him. He's one of my favorite guys to watch. It was at the Staples Center and I said 'Do I have any heat with you?' and he said no. I said 'Don't you remember when I called you and said I wanted you to use this finish?' He said 'No Diamond, but if you tell me you did, I'm sure you did.' So we squared everything up. The last time we were together, I was in St. Louis. He said 'I guess at some point I'll see you out there,' and I said 'I really don't think so,' but in case we did, I gave him this great idea where of course I end up taking the RKO. It was similar to what I thought was going to happen at the Rumble. I'd be glad to take the RKO," Page said.

From one future Hall of Famer to another, a viewer asked DDP what it was like living with Steve Austin The two moved in together following Page's split with former Nitro girl Kimberly.

"I was filming Devil's Rejects, and he had moved in while I was gone," Page said of Austin, who he offered to let live with him. "I got back from there, he had s–t everywhere! There were these dip cups everywhere. He walks in the door and I go 'Steve, I've been living with Ms. Clean for 14 years. I don't care what your room looks like, but this place has to be at least normal.' It was a lot of fun. That solidified us for life," said DDP.

Page also elaborated on the work he put in and advice he gave to Jake Roberts while filming The Resurrection of Jake the Snake.

"I worked on the food he puts in his body, I worked on the story he tells himself. I would tell Scott Hall and Jake that the phone call they make to somebody could change their whole life. It started a few years ago and it gets the the point where Jake is doing an interview and saying he wants to help Johnny Football out!," Page said.

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