Gangrel Says Former TNA Star Was Replaced By Christian In The Brood, Talks Training Rusev

Former WWE star Gangrel joined The Roman Show to talk about the upcoming Legends of Wrestling event in Miami. During the interview, which you can listen to here, he discussed the original plans for The Brood and talked about training Rusev. They sent us these highlights:

Original plans for The Brood:

"Edge was in from the beginning. Originally a guy from Canada and the guy who was in TNA, Christopher Daniels. [Christopher] Daniels was in the lead, where out of nowhere Christian came in. Edge got Christian in."

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Using the vampire gimmick in WWE:

"I worked from 1998 and on with WWE. They knew who I was and I kept pushing the vampire thing. They told me, 'the vampire thing wouldn't work and it's not going to happen'. I gave them all this research about vampires. I kept telling them about the group of vampires, it would be cool, it didn't matter if they won or lost. It was about doing it and looking cool."

Training Rusev:

"I don't know what's going, but it doesn't seem like they are using him very much. He is a great talent. What comes around will come back again. He was one of those guys that truly loves pro wresting. He moved to this country to become a pro wrestler. When he was out in the pro wrestling school in California, he didn't miss any classes. He would sleep in that parking lot in between classes. He had like three different jobs. He barely spoke English. It's funny his gimmick is he hates, America but he is living the American dream. I couldn't be any more prouder for that guy."

Gangrel will be part of the Legend of Wrestling event in Miami taking place at the Miccosukee Resort on Saturday, January 23. A start studded line up will all be under one roof for the event, including Bill Goldberg, Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, Scott Steiner and more for a meet-and-greet event before the matches. Tickets are on sale at this link.

Source: The Roman Show


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