Kurt Angle Talks Shane McMahon Cursing At Him, What Went Wrong In Their Match, More

Kurt Angle has announced he's winding down his pro wrestling career for the time being. After 17 years, Angle is reflecting on some of the more memorable moments from his pro wrestling career.

Angle spoke to WrestleTalkTV recently about the insane nature of Angle's match with Shane McMahon at King of the Ring. Angle talked about having to throw his boss' son through a window repeatedly.


"He kept telling me every time I kept throwing him through that wall and the glass didn't go anywhere, do it again. I said 'no,' and he was swearing. It wasn't that Shane was my boss, but I felt like he was my boss. He was the guy telling me what to do and when to do it," Angle said.

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Angle obliged, and tossed Shane McMahon into the window area several times before it finally broke. Angle admitted to WrestleTalk TV that he did it for Shane McMahon because he knew the moment and the match meant a lot to him. However, an issue with the glass caused the two major problems.

"It was Shane's match. It was his time to shine. I knew I was going to have many other nights, Shane wasn't. Whatever I could do to please him, I was going to do, as long as he was coherent. Unfortunately, whoever was responsible for getting the glass, got the wrong glass. It was supposed to be sugar glass, and it was plexiglass. When we did break it, we both got bloodied up. There wasn't even supposed to be any pyro that night because they were afraid the sugar glass would crumble," Angle said.


Angle laughed about the match, and said that both men ended up in the hospital. Angle noted that he was just happy that Shane didn't end up getting a concussion. He also said that Shane McMahon is the reason the match is remembered.

"It's not my kind of wrestling, I'm not into that, but I was proud to be a part of it. I didn't know it would become that iconic of a match, but it did. It had nothing to do with me. Shane McMahon and Al Snow mapped that match out, I didn't. I did what they told me to do," explained Angle.