Lucha Underground's Ivelisse Talks About Wrestling With Broken Ankle, Where She Wants To Wrestle

Former Lucha Underground Trios champion Ivelisse spoke to Wrestledelphia to promote the new season of Lucha Underground. You can check out highlights below, and the full post at this link.

Having a broken ankle in season one:

"I didn't even know that I had broken it, actually. I had actually broken it in practice before the Trios championship tournament final. I broke it that day, in the afternoon; I was practicing a move from the top rope, and I knew that something kinda cracked or whatever. Every time I moved my foot, I could feel it shift. I wasn't sure what it was, and I didn't want to accept that I was that badly hurt. It never would have crossed my mind that I actually had broken my bone; I had never experienced a broken bone before. But I wouldn't accept it; I just said, "I'm going to wrap it up real tight." I walked in and acted like I was fine until I had the perfect opportunity to make it look like I hurt myself off of a move. Afterward, they pretty much told me I had to go to the hospital. When they did the X-rays, they told me it was broken, and I started laughing, like, "There's no way!" Because I had never experienced a broken bone, and everyone would say how painful it is. I was still walking, but they explained it wasn't the weight-bearing bone, and that made more sense (laughs)."

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Lucha Underground's women being portrayed as equals:

"It does surprise me, and it still does because it's such a different concept. Even for us women, it's something that we have to adjust ourselves to, to finally be put on that level. We have struggled and worked so hard to get it, and we finally get it, so it's like we don't know what to do ourselves! Technically, we'll never really be at the same 'level' in terms of strength and all of that. As fighters in a realistic sense, we'll never really be 'equals'. But as long as each gender has the opportunity to shine in their own manner, that's where we are able to be equal. That sort of equality is what's most important."

Her wrestling bucket list:

"It's hard to say, there's still so much I want to achieve. I want to wrestle in Japan. I had the best year of my career in 2014 with the help of Shine, having the longest Shine Championship reign. I came into 2015 with that momentum just to crash down with the injury, but I really look forward to my future, picking up where I left off and keep pushing into that direction, and to keep it going for as long as I can."


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