Lucha Underground Recap (1/27): Season Two Premiere, Mil Muertes Defends Title Against Ivelisse

- Season two of Lucha Underground opens on the Youssef Floro Clinic, Psychotic Break Division. We see Vampiro sitting at a table, being evaluated by a therapist. The man calls him "Ian" and asks him various questions about his mental health, as graphic cuts from last season flash through his mind. The doc gives him a bottle of anti-psychotic pills and makes him promise to stay away from the people and places that bring out his "violent episodes", as a condition of his release. Vamp agrees, and we cut to the desert where Matt Striker is waiting by a lowrider to pick him up. Vamp asks if they still have a job, and Striker claims that The Temple isn't what it used to be; it's a "much darker place" now.

- We're inside Catrina's new office now, as Gift of the Gods Champion Fenix approaches her. He says he wants Mil Muertes and the L.U. Championship, but Catrina wants him to wait. She books Fenix vs. King Cuerno tonight in a match for the GOTG title, and if can get through Cuerno tonight than he'll get his championship match.

- They've got Lucha Underground Champion Mil Muertes on a throne now, basically as a king, overseeing everything that's happening from the top of The Temple. It's very Shang Tsung's Throne Room from Mortal Kombat.

Gift of the Gods Championship Match
Fenix (c) vs. King Cuerno

Lots of back-and-forth here and a very solid 10-minute match. Technical to start as the two feel each other out, and it's Cuerno who takes control first with a big DDT off the apron and hits a suicide dive through the ropes. Fenix mounts a comeback with tons of flashy offense including a springboard dropkick, springboard armdrag, flying cutter and a corkscrew splash to the floor. From here out it's big moves with lots of near-falls for both guys, with lots of "this is awesome" and "lucha" chants from the crowd.

Finish: Cuerno sets him up in the corner and looks to put him away but runs into a huge superkick. Fenix takes advantage and heads to the top for the corkscrew splash but comes up empty, and Cuerno drops him with an inverted package piledriver for the win. New champion!

Winner and New Champion: King Cuerno

- We're backstage with Catrina again, and this time she's interrupted by the former Trios Champions: Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico. The team wants their titles back, of course, but apparently Mil has other plans for them, and she offers them a triple threat match tonight... against each other. The winner gets a shot at Mil and the world title in tonight's main event. Ivelisse accepts the match for all of them and gets in Catrina's face, saying that after she wins the belt she's coming for her next.

- Another Catrina segment, this time with King Cuerno, who just won the Gift of the Gods Championship in the season two opener. She warns him to remember "the deal" he made with Mil Muertes, and Cuerno says they have nothing to worry about.

#1 Contender's Match
Ivelisse vs. Son of Havoc vs. Angelico

We get a showdown between the partners and it looks like this is gonna remain a friendly competition, until Angelico tries to roll up Ivelisse from behind. She snaps and goes crazy on him with kicks and chops into the corner, slaps Havoc when he tries to break them up, and throws Angelico out with a hurricanrana. They battle to the top rope and Ivelisse knocks him down, following up with a flying crossbody for two.

More "this is awesome" chants from the crowd as things start to get crazy(er), winding up to the finish. Son of Havoc does a bunch of suicide dives to both opponents, then a springboard double foot stomp to Angelico and a standing moonsault for a close two. He sets up for Death From Above, but Ivelisse comes back and knocks him off the ropes, then rolls up Angelico with an inside cradle for the three!

Winner: Ivelisse

- Three guys in a car pull up to a woman, who turns out to be Angela Fong. They're looking for some kind of underground Fight Club, and she tells them to follow her. Couldn't quite tell who was in the car.

Lucha Underground Championship Match
Mil Muertes (c) vs. Ivelisse

Catrina brings down the Disciples of Death before the match even gets started, and the trio lays out Angelico and Son of Havoc. A little insurance policy for the champion. The crowd is going crazy for Ivelisse as we head to our final commercial of the evening.

When we come back, Ivelisse is predictably getting tossed around the ring and bullied with relative ease. The mugging goes on for several minutes until the champ tries to throw her over the ropes but gets caught in a cross-armbar over the top rope. She fires back with a dozen rights and lefts and plants Muertes with a massive tilt-a-whirl DDT from the top turnbuckle for a very close nearfall. In comes Catrina to save her champion, but Ivelisse moves out of the way and Catrina takes a huge spear from the big man. Roll-up for a very, very close nearfall as the crowd almost loses their minds. Mil hits a powerslam and the Flatliner for the three to retain.

Winner and Still Champion: Mil Muertes

- Catrina orders the attack to continue after the bell, but Prince Puma comes out making his season two debut for the save, laying out the champion with a superkick. Puma and Ivelisse run off as Mil is left in the ring screaming at them, until Pentagon Jr. comes out of nowhere and drops him with a backstabber. He teases breaking the champ's arm and motions to the crowd to see what they want, and eventually decides to do it, as Mil rolls around in pain to end the show.

- The episode fades to black, but we fade back in and... it's Dairo Cueto! He's standing outside a building as Angela Fong shows up with those three guys. They say they're looking for the underground Fight Club, and ask "what's with the chick?" Fong beats the hell out of the guy who said it, and Cueto tells them all the entrance fee is $20 and they pay it. He unlocks the gate and lets them in. The last guy asks him "who's fighting tonight?" and Cueto says "you are" as he laughs and shuts the gate. We fade out to screams of pain from behind the door as Dairo walks away.


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