NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 10 Results: Two Classic Matches, AJ Styles, ROH Title, Bullet Club, Okada, More

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New Japan Rumble


Jushin Liger and Fujiwara start things out and Liger is almost locked into a Fujiwara armbar. Tiger Mask is out next, followed by CHEESEBURGER!!! Cheeseburger gets beat up by Fujiwara, but Tiger Mask and Liger encourage him to keep fighting. Hiro Saito is up next, followed by YOSHI-HASHI. Mascara Dorada and Captain New Japan also hit the ring, and Captain gets put in a Fujiwara armbar with the quickness. Nakanishi is the next out, and Liger shakes him off the ropes.

Yuji Nagata is out next, meanwhile Cheeseburger helps pin Tiger Mask. Fujiwara, Saito and Nakanishi are also eliminated. Kojima comes out, and as usual, Tenzan isn't far behind. Cheeseburger is almost pinned by Dorada, but the ref is out of position. Taguchi is the latest entrant and gets jumped. Shiro Koshinaka comes to the ring.....slowly and hits about 3 hip attacks. Bullet Club music hits....and it's King Haku! What!? That's awesome. Nagata is eliminated. The Great Kabuki is next, at 68 years old. Tenzan submits Haku, and the announcers put it over big time.


The Gracie Hunter, Kazushi Sakuraba is next, and this is just too much fun. He kicks Kabuki, gets hit with the mist, and pinned by several guys, as does Kabuki. Cheeseburger pinned by Kojima. Jado gets a big entrance, but gets jumped by Shiro and Taguchi, and it's just those three left now. These camera men are missing a lot. Jado tosses them both and wins.

Winner: Jado

That was a lot of fun. Haku, Cheeseburger, just super cool. It was a mess, and the cameras missed a lot, but it was a blast to watch. Jado celebrates with pop star Momoka Ariyasu after the match, who accompanied him. ** match, but really fun to watch.

- We get a super weird Doraemon movie spot. When I say super weird, it's difficult for me to really convey it.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship
reDRagon (c) vs. Matt Sydal & Ricochet vs. Roppongi Vice vs. Bullet Club/Young Bucks (w/ Cody Hall)

Bullet Club toss everyone from the ring, hiptoss Fish and double dropkick him. Nick Jackson hits a flying stomp across the arm of Fish, but Fish lands a nasty looking Samoan drop and ReDragon beat the hell out of him. Sydal tags in and hits a slingshot somersault huracanrana. RPG Vice double team Sydal and tell the Bucks to suck it. Trent scores a dive to the outside, and gets dropped back first across the turnbuckle by the Bucks.


Bucks hit ReDragon, Ricochet and Baretta with Superkicks #1-4, but cant pin Trent. Superkick #6 knocks Romero off the apron, but Trent scores a pushing stomp and a tornado DDT. Drop toe hold/ dropkick into a double moonsault combo from Sydal and Ricochet on Nick Jackson. Matt then walks in and gets kicked by ReDRagon before Fish lands his senton. O'Reilly with a rope hung armbar, but one of the Bucks dives onto the pile, then hits Superkick #7 on Kyle.

Cody Hall grabs Ricochet's legs, then hits a Razor's Edge over the top rope onto the group of wrestlers. Young Bucks take advantage and double team Ricochet, but Sydal makes the save. Ricochet takes out Cody Hall and hits a springboard 450 on Nick, but it gets broken up. ReDRagon cut Ricochet and Sydal down on SSP attempts and score the Two Man Smash Machine.

Cody Hall tries to get involved again, but Kyle takes him out. Back in the ring, all 8 men are in for an awesome quadruple suplex spot. Romero clotheslines the Bucks and ReDRagaon a bunch, then Sydal and Ricochet get it, too. RPG Vice double team Sydal, but Ricochet makes the save. In stereo SSP's, but Nick Jackson tagged in. More Bang For Your Buck, pin on Romero!

Winners: Bullet Club/Young Bucks via pinfall (More Bang For Your Buck) to become IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions


That was absolutely fantastic. No sloppy, nothing lazy. That was just unbelievable fun. An excellent match. I'd probably go ***3/4 with this one.

Vacant NEVER Openweight Six-Man Tag Titles
Bullet Club (Bad Luck Fale, Tama Tonga & Takahashi) vs. Toru Yano & Briscoes

Bullet Club open by attacking the babyfaces, but the Briscoes attack Tonga and Takahashi, killing them clotheslines. Cactus Jack elbow from Mark on Takahashi. Yano gets tagged in and smacks Fale's head. He gets dropped with ease, then the Bullet Club work Yano over in the middle of the ring. Tonga dropkicks the Briscoes off the apron, and allows Bullet Club to triple team him.

Mark Briscoe gets the hot tag and hits a t-bone suplex for a two count on Takahashi. Takahashi turns things around with a Fisherman's buster, and Tonga and Jay get tagged in. Mark with a blockbuster outside the ring, but Tonga gives Jay Briscoe the Alabama Slam. The Briscoes hit Doomsday Device on Tonga and win after Yano throws a chair in Tonga's face!

Winners: Briscoes & Toru Yano via pinfall (Doomsday Device) to become NEVER Openweight 6-man tag Champions

That was nothing special, but a Yano match rarely is. The Briscoes and Tonga were really good, and the Doomsday Device was sick. I'd give that **.


ROH World Championship
Jay Lethal (c) (w/ Truth Martini) vs. Michael Elgin

Elgin opens with a big powerslam and a clothesline before holding Lethal up for a delayed suplex. Martini gets involved, allowing Lethal to dropkick Elgin, then Lethal almost kills himself with suicide dives. Elgin, back in the ring, destroys Lethal with a forearm, but gets dropkicked.

Lethal charges Elgin, but Elgin hits him with an exploder and several forearms. Elgin follows up with an overhead press into a powerslam. Lethal fights back with Hail To The King, but Elgin isn't about that life and lands his apron deadlift Falcon Arrow for a two count. Buckle Bomb hits, but Martini gets involved and chopped by Elgin. Lethal hits Elgin the Book of Truth and gets Lethal Injection for the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal via pinfall (Lethal Injection) to retain the ROH World Championship

Fun match. You can tell Michael Elgin loves working in Japan, and these two worked hard. I'd give this one ***,

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship
Kenny Omega (c) (w/ Young Bucks) vs. KUSHIDA

Omega and the Bucks superkick Taguchi, who is out with KUSHIDA. KUSHIDA gets hit in the face with a trash can by Nick Jackson, and Kenny Omega hits a one man Bang For Your Buck with a trash can. Yep. Omega also hits a beautiful dive to the outside, but gets kicked repeatedly back inside the ring. KUSHIDA then goes to work on Omega's arm and briefly applies a Hoverboard Lock.


KUSHIDA lands an insane Swanton to the outside onto Omega, then a big dropkick. Another Hoverboard Lock, but he tries to transition into an armbar and gets suplexed. The two end up on the top rope with a Hoverboard Lock applied and KUSHIDA ends up scoring with a Hoverboard breaker. Omega gets up and hits a beautiful spinning wheel kick but gets punched in the face.

Omega turns an Electric Chair into a German Suplex and gets a two count, then gets caught in the Hoverboard Lock. The Bucks try to pull Omega to the ropes, but Taguchi hits them with a trash can. Two big strikes put both men out, but Omega gets a two count with a sitdown powerbomb. Omega didn't use the injured arm on the powerbomb, which was super awesome. Omega goes for Angel's Wings, but Kushida pins Omega! Fantastic.

Winner: KUSHIDA via pinfall to win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title

That match was excellent. Really close to a four star match, if not four stars. KUSHIDA continues to deliver, and the last few minutes were incredible ***3/4.

IWGP Tag Team Championship
Bullet Club (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows w/Amber Gallows) (c) vs. GBH (Togi Makabe & Tomoaki Honma)

Honma misses a headbutt, if you'd believe that. That gets him worked over in the corner of Bullet Club, but Anderson misses a senton. Makabe hits a clothesline int he corner, then a shoulde block on Anderson. Honma with a jawbreaker, then GBH sandwiches Gallows with clotheslines. Anderson sends Honma into the guard rail, and Gallows hits Makabe with a chain. Anderson and Gallows are comically cursing up a storm.


Anderson beats down Makabe, and gets three nearfalls in a row. Makabe gets a clothesline and makes the hot tag to Honma, who body slams Gallows and headbutts Anderson. Gallows grabs Honma's foot, and Bullet Club land backdrop/neckbreakers and and fireman's carry dropkicks on Honma. They set up for Magic Killer, but Makabe sends Gallows outside the ring.

Honma lands a running headbutt on Anderson, but Anderson kills Honma with a big running powerbomb for two. Anderson misses two Gun Stuns and gets a big headbutt from Honma. Double clothesline from Makabe, then he and Anderson try to take each other down with lariats. Makabe suceeds, then sends Honma into Anderson with a headbutt. Doomsday headbutt on Anderson, then a diving headbutt on Gallows. King Kong Knee Drop. GBH win an awesome match.

Winners: GBH via pinfall (King Kong Knee Drop) to become IWGP Tag Team Champions

That match was awesome. They really went at it. Another really good, ***3/4 match on a card that's been pretty good so far.

Hirooki Goto (w/ Captain New Japan) vs. Tetsuyta Naito (w/ Los Ingobernables)

This match starts as all of them have, with the heels jumping the babyface. EVIL tosses Goto into the rails and attacks him with a chair as the incompetent ref is distracted. Striker buries the ref, as he should. Naito drives Goto through a table at ringside, but Goto is tossed back inside the ring.


Naito, who has a really hate-able face, spits in the ring and gets clotheslined out of his boots. Naito recovers and lands an outside-in corner dropkick. They end up on the top rope, where Goto hits a second rope Code Red for two. Naito with a heel kick and a Frankensteiner for a two count.

Naito lands some forearms, and Goto with a Ushigoroshi. Ref bump, and Naito lands right on his neck with a terrifying clothesline. Naito's goons accidentally take each other out, and Goto lands Shouten Kai for the win.

Winner: Hirooki Goto via pinfall (Shouten Kai)

Pretty good match, Naito works much better as a heel. I hope Naito is okay after landing on his neck on that clothesline. This was a **1/2 match.

NEVER Openweight Championship
Tomohiro Ishii (c) vs. Katsuyori Shibata

Both men trade open hands slaps to start, and Ishii ducks a kick from Shibata. Shibata puts the boots to Ishii, who chooses to return the favor. Shibata lets Ishii chop the hell out of him, kips up and drops Ishii with a forearm. Sick. Ishii gets back up and welcomes Shibata with a back suplex.

Shibata drills Ishii several times in the corner with strikes before a big jumping kick. Shibata applies a chinlock and transitions into a spider hold before Ishii gets to the ropes. Shibata attacks Ishii in the corner, but Ishii turns the tides. Shibata gets in Ishii's face and drops Ishii with a forearm, but Ishii gets up. Clothesline from Ishii, dropkick from Shibata. This is violent. Back and forth German suplexes, both men down.


The two end up on the ropes, where Shibata applies a double wristlock. Ishii gets out and kills Shibata with a lariat.

Shibata lands a suplex, then applies an armbar before transitioning into a triangle. Ishii hits a big lariat and a powerbomb for two. After more strikes, Shibata hits a Death Valley Driver for two. Shibata applies a sleeper, but Ishii gets out and walks into kicks. Ishii stops the PK and headbutts Shibata. The two heabutt each other and Ishii clotheslines Shibata for two.Shibata with a spinning back fist and a PK for the win! New Champion!

Winner: Katsuyori Shibata via pinfall (PK) to win the NEVER Openweight Championship

That was violent, almost to a disturbing level. It's awesome to see Shibata finally win a singles title. I'm giving that one ****1/4.

IWGP Intercontinental Championship
Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. AJ Styles

This is a huge match. The two avoid each other after a series of kick attempts, a backslide attempt and a Styles Clash attempt. Both men taunt one another, then Styles succeeds with his signature drop kick. Styles is pulled off the ropes on his back, and the ref checks on him, but Styles was playing possum.

Nakamura makes a comeback and is feeling Good Vibrations before scoring a couple of nasty knees to the head and a front suplex. Nakamura drapes Syles across the top rope and runs his knee into the back. Styles avoids another knee and folds Nakamura in half with a springboard forearm. Styles struggles with a couple of vertical suplex attemtps and settles for a snap suplex into the corner.


Nakamura turns things around with a lungblower and a sleeper suplex, but AJ Styles pulls a Calf Killer out of nowhere. Nakamura turns it into an armbar, but Styles stacks Nakamura up and escapes. Torture Rack bomb from Styles gets a two count. Nakamura hits a big Boma Ye from the second rope and both men are down.

The two trade heavy forearm shots until Styles pulls an inverted powerbomb out of nowhere for a two count. Styles then hits a Pele kick, but eats a Boma Ye for two! Styles hits a big knee of his own and a 450 splash for 2.9! Styles can't get Bloody Sunday and Nakamura pulls a flying armbar out of nowhere, that he turns into a triangle. Styles modifies it into a one-armed Styles Clash for two!

Bloody Sunday for Styles, but he puts the boots to Nakamura when he can't get the Styles Clash. He sets up for a Super Styles Clash, but Nakamura hits a super seated fireman's carry slam for two. Boma Ye to the back of the head, one to the front. Pin! Nakamura wins! Amazing match.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura via pinfall (Boma Ye) to retain the IWGP Intercontinental Title.

That was close to a perfect match. That was just outstanding. I didn't think it would get any better than the NEVER Openweight title match. That was ***** stuff. Styles and Nakamura fist bump after the match.


IWGP Heavyweight Championship
Okada (c) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

Okada forearms Tanahashi after a clean break, as Tanahashi took a swing at him. Tanahashi returns with one of his own, dropping Okada to the mat. Okada boots Tanahashi, and ends up getting put in headscissors, but he breaks out and grabs a headlock.

Tanahashi scores with a shin breaker and goes to work on the leg of Okada. Okada rolls through a body press and puts Tanahashi on the apron, before dropkicking him off. Okada flies over the barricade and body presses Nakamura. Back in the ring Tanahashi stops the high drop kick, but comes up empty on a somersault senton attempt.

Okada finds a home for a sliding European uppercut, but misses a senton, and the two are countering all of each other's spots. Tanahashi with a low dropkick to the already injured leg of Okada, then a dragon screw across the the turnbuckle, then another across the ropes. A Slingblade on the apron leaves Okada reeling outside. High Fly Flow to the outside has Okada outside until a 19 count, and he barely makes it back in.

Tanahashi uses a second rope High Fly Flow to the leg of Okada, and applies a Cloverleaf, but Okada fights out and lands a Reverse Neckbreaker. Okada lands it across his own injured leg and he's down. They both get up and trade forearms until Okada dropkicks Tanahshi four times for a two count. Okada then hits one of the best top rope front dropkicks of all-time for a two count.


Okada does the Rainmaker pose, but gets rolled up for a two. Tanahashi gets another dragon screw. Tanahashi keeps punishing the leg and applies another Cloverleaf, but Okada gets to the ropes. Tanahashi goes for a High Fly Flow but eats canvas after the Slingblade. Okada gets up and Tombstones Tanahashi and signals for the Rainmaker. He hits it! Tanahashi kicks out!

Okada does the High Fly Flow for two, then Tanahashi reverses a Rainmaker into one of his own! Both men are down! Okada is up first, but Tanahashi keeps kicking his knee. Okada goes for a Rainmaker, but it's countered into a Slingblade! Dragon Suplex from Tanahashi for two! Okada kicks out of two High Fly Flows! Woah! Okada counters another with a big dropkick. Okada goes for a German, but Tanahashi slaps him. Okada with a huge dropkick and German suplex. Tanahashi slaps Okada again! Rainmaker from Okada! Another! Pinfall! Okada did it!

Winner: Okada via pinfall (Rainmaker) to retain the IWGP Heavyweight Championship

That was unbelievable. Two ***** quality matches back-to-back. Not something that happens often, if ever. Almost three. Wrestle Kingdom 10 delivered. Thank you to everyone who joined us.