Rey Mysterio Reveals Final Conversation With Perro Aguayo, New Mysteriomania Date, Alberto Del Rio

- Thomas Golianopoulos has a great piece at Playboy looking at Perro Aguayo Jr., who passed away this past March after a freak in-ring accident in a match where he teamed with Manik to face Rey Mysterio and Tigre Uno. Golianopoulos spent a few days in Mexico City around the time of Triplemania and interviewed Mysterio, Konnan, Dorian Roldan, Marisela Pena and members of the AAA roster for the piece. In the story, Mysterio noted that he changed in the same locker room as Aguayo earlier that night, and the two spoke about family, life and a recent match they had in Guadalajara.

"I told him, 'You blew my mind. You are on another level,'?" Mysterio said. "That was the last thing I told him before we went out to the ring."

- MysterioMania has a new date, and will now take place on April 17, 2016 at the Teatro Teatro Caupolican in Santiago de Chile. Mysterio, Johnny Mundo, Pentagón Jr., Matt Hardy, Ricky Banderas and Santana Garret have been confirmed for the event. Also at the show, Alex Hero will defend the Chile Championship against Carlito. Hugo Savinovich is the producer of the show and Rico Casanova is the general manager. (Thanks to our friends at Planet A Wrestling.)

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- Just a reminder that Alberto Del Rio will be appearing at the Cricket Wireless Store in Harlingen, Texas, this Sunday, January 3rd from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.