Robbie Lawler And Carlos Condit Have All-Time Great Fifth Round, Who Left With The UFC Title?

While UFC 195 wasn't the most hyped of cards to the casual fan, those in the know were well aware that the night's main event could be something special, and it delivered. Robbie Lawler and Carlos Condit put forth an effort worthy of being called perhaps probably the greatest fifth round in UFC, or even MMA history.


A back and forth fight led to a controversial split decision, with the heavier hitting champion Robbie Lawler getting the nod over the much more active Carlos Condit to retain the title. Lawler had to overcome the range based attacks of Condit to stay alive with heavy punches.

Condit won round one decisively, using the aforementioned range to land kicks almost at will to the champion. Condit did the same for much of round 2, until Lawler blasted him and dropped Condit to the mat with a big counter shot. Lawler won about twenty seconds of the entire second frame, but it was enough to gain him the round.

The third round is where things got fishy. Our own Wrestling Inc coverage had it listed as a 10-10 draw, as the two went back and forth with strikes, finding brief stints of success, but never really damaging the other fighter. 10-10 rounds are rare in MMA, but this third round seemed more than fitting of the score.


Although that would make it two straight rounds that Condit didn't necessarily win, he was never lost control of the fight through four rounds. He took the fourth with ease, something Lawler noticed. What followed was probably the most guano crazy championship round ever.

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Lawler came out swinging, seemingly figuring he needed a big finish in order to retain his title. He didn't get that finish, but he did win the round after destroying Condit with several huge punches. Lawler didn't go unscathed however, as Condit fought back with combos of his own. The two went back and forth until the final bell, leaving both men completely exhausted.

The scorecards were read, and two judges gave the fight to Robbie Lawler, making him the first American in a decade to successfully defend the Welterweight title two consecutive times. Not everyone agreed with the decision, with a giant margin picking Condit as the winner, according to MMA Decisions. The complaints have some merit, as Condit landed 176 significant strikes to Lawler's 92.

After the fight, Condit said "I felt like I had three rounds in the bag, but that's why you don't leave it to the judges." Lawler, happy in victory, said "There were no losers tonight. And still ? but let's do it again!"


As of now, it's unknown who Robbie Lawler will face next. Condit, Tyron Woodley, and the winner of Stephen Thompson vs. Johny Hendricks are all viable options. Either way, Robbie Lawler and Carlos Condit exceeded the hype given to tonight's fight.