ROH's Cheeseburger Talks ROH Contract Status, Dream Opponent, Wrestling In NJPW, PWG, More

Ring of Honor talent Cheeseburger has witnessed his popularity explode over the past year after being endorsed by the likes of Chris Jericho and Jushin Thunder Liger. He participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything this week. You can check out some highlights below:

Best burgers in America?:

"I would say In-N-Out on the west coast is the front runner for tastiest. Steak n Shake in the Midwest is a very close second however."

His ROH contract status:

"I actually did get an ROH contract in the middle of December prior to the podcast being released (which we filmed in Oct). This is my home so I'm happy to officially be a member of the ROH family."

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Possibly going to PWG:

"No word on wrestling PWG anytime soon. Definitely a dream of mine. Every person that has wrestled in Reseda raves about how magical the crowd is. I'd like to experience that feeling."

Being at Wrestle Kingdom 10:

"The atmosphere of the Tokyo Dome is impossible to describe. I couldn't put it into words if I tried. On a sidenote however I would compare Korakuen Hall to the Japanese version of the ECW Arena."

His dream opponent and partner:

"My dream opponent in ROH is Adam Cole whom I've already had a match with. My dream tag opponent is Liger."


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