ROH TV Recap (1/20): AJ Styles, Young Bucks, Insane Philly Street Fight, Kingdom's Last Appearance?

Welcome to this week's coverage of Ring of Honor TV from Wrestling Inc.

Addiction (w/ Chris Sabin) vs. ACH & Alex Shelley

Interesting to note that to this point, Sabin and Shelley haven't touched in Ring of Honor. Shelley gets the early advantage with kicks to Kaz, but Sabin gets on the apron. Shelley doesn't knock Sabin off, but Kaz rolls Shelley up for a two. ACH is tagged in and dropkicks both members of Addiction. He's quickly dropped with a nice double team facecrusher/STO, and worked over in the heel corner before a commercial.

We come back to see ACH getting a hot tag, and German suplexes Daniels with the aid of a Shelley enziguri. The move gets a two before Kaz breaks it up. ACH hits a stunner/DDT combo on Addiction, then knocks Sabin off the apron. Addiction use the distraction to hit Celebrity Rehab on ACH for the win.

Winners: Addiction via pinfall (Celebrity Rehab)

After the match, Addiction beat down Shelley and hit him with Celebrity Rehab. Daniels knocks a ref out for trying to stop them. Nigel McGuinness says there's a zero tolerance policy for this, and he suspends Daniels.

Adam Page (w/ Decade) vs. Mark Briscoe

Briscoe flips out of a back body drop attempt and knocks Page down. Briscoe keeps control, landing strikes and a big brainbuster for a two count. Page hits a sick powerslam into the turnbuckle out of nowhere for a two count. Briscoe doesn't stay out of control long, as he drills Page with a clohtesline.

Page blocks a suplex and scores with a big DDT for two. Briscoe lands a couple of boots while Page is on the apron, but Page flips in the ring and lays out Briscoe with a lariat for two. Briscoe hits a fisherman's buster and a Froggy Elbow for the win.

Winner: Mark Briscoe via pinfall (Froggy Elbow)

BJ Whitmer gets on the mic and says that he knows it's Steve Corino under the Mr. Wrestling III mask. Mr. Wrestling III comes in the ring and offers to answer anything Whitmer wants, and says he is NOT Steve Corino. He says there's a zero tolerance policy, and Whitmer can't hit an announcer. Mr. Wrestling III says he knows someone who wants to take him out.

- Silas Young comes to the commentary table and says Final Battle was a disappointment. He said he let Castle's Boys into his home to sleep in his basement. The crowd chant "you got dumped." He says Castle has a mental hold on the Boys, and will give them a chance to do the right thing.

Philly Street Fight
Kingdom (Michael Bennett & Adam Cole w/ Maria & Taven) vs. Young Bucks vs. reDRagon

The Bucks run in and attack reDRagon on the ramp, then hit Taven with Superkicks #1-2. Then Cole superkicks the Ring announcer, and eats Superkicks #3-4 from the Bucks. O'Reilly locks Bennett in a rope hung armbar, and Cole hits Kyle with a chair, while Nick Jackson flies over the top rope.

Matt Jackson hits Cole with a chair, and things have broken down. Nick Jackson scores with Superkick #5 as we go to a commercial break. We come back to see Superkick #6 on Cole, who is in a shopping cart. Bennett is placed in a chair, and dropkicked out of it.

A ladder is introduced by Cole, who helicopters Young Bucks, before reDRagon hit the ladder with chairs. The ladder is placed across two chairs and Bennett uses a spinebuster on Kyle through the ladder. The Bucks powerbomb and Swanton Bennett through the ladder and Superkick #7 on Cole. More Bang For Your Buck has the pin, but Cole pulls the ref out. Cole hides by the announce table and Nick Jackson hits Superkick #8 on accident on Kevin Kelly. This is outstanding.

Back from commercial, Bennett superkicks Nick Jackson, then reDRagon hit Chasing The Dragon on him outside the ring. O'Reilly and Cole brawl to the back, leaving Fish to spear Bennett through a table. Fish eats Superkicks #8-9 and falls through a table, then Nick Jackson hits an insane frog splash from the top to the floor. They put Bennett in a chair and a birthday hat on him for a superkick party, but Maria low blows them.

Bennett goes to hit Bucks with a chair, but AJ Styles shows up and connects with Bloody Sunday! Meltzer Driver on Maria. Bullet Club special on Bennett! Bucks win. What a match.

Winners: Young Bucks via pinfall (Bullet Club Special)

That was incredible. Go out of your way to watch it.


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