Roman Reigns On If He Is Becoming John Cena, Wrestling Brock Lesnar, Punching Vince McMahon

Joshua Caudill passed along this interview that he conducted with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns for Crave Online. Below are a few highlights, you can check out the full interview by clicking here.

If he feels the pressure of being the face of WWE:

"I think there is pressure in anything we do in life. As a man, I feel pressure to provide and create a lifestyle and a future for my family. When it comes to representing the WWE, I don't like calling myself the 'face of WWE' because we have so many faces and so many superstars. We are a team, we're a roster and we're a locker room. It absolutely takes every man to make this ship sail. At the end of the day, all I can be is me. I'm not John Cena. In my 30 years, I've never been John Cena. I don't even think about becoming him. I just want to be. I want to be Roman Reigns. I want to do things my way. I think that's why I'm in the deep water with Vince McMahon and The Authority. I don't even think we're saying The Authority anymore. I think I busted that whole crew up. That's all I can be. It's just me representing myself and my family to the fullest."

Working with Vince McMahon:

"It's cool. It's totally different. It's totally different than being in there conversing with any other superstar or any 'bad guy.' He is probably going to be the best 'bad guy' of all-time. He's as good as it gets when it comes to being a jerk. It was an absolute pleasure just to be able to tell my grandkids, 'Yep. I Superman Punched Vince McMahon right in the face twice.' You can put that on my mantle."

If it's different being in the ring with Brock Lesnar compared to other wrestlers:

"No because for me I have a chemistry with about everyone that I'm in there with. It doesn't change but it's a little bit different if that makes sense. If I'm in there with Bray Wyatt, we have chemistry. If I'm in there with Big Show, we have chemistry. I feel a fighting style and the way I go out there and do my thing, mixes well with a lot of WWE Superstars and the way they do their thing. It's very simple [laughs] with the way me and Brock [Lesnar] do our battles. We hit really hard. He tries to throw me as far as he can and I'm trying to rip his face apart and break his ribs. It's a brutal contest anytime him and I step into the ring. As you saw last night, you didn't see any playing around. I went to the red button immediately and sometimes with him, you got to double-tap or triple that button. That's probably what you're going to see on Sunday."

Joshua Caudill contributed to this article.


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