Ryback On If WWE Should Bring Back The World Heavyweight Championship, Nexus Reunion, SmackDown

As previously reported, WWE's Ryback recently participated in a media conference call to promote WWE SmackDown's move to USA Network. Among other things, Ryback discussed whether WWE should bring back the World Heavyweight Championship, whether we will see The Nexus reunite down the road. Also, Ryback shared some of his favorite SmackDown memories.

As for whether WWE should bring back the World Heavyweight Championship and make it a SmackDown exclusive title, 'The Big Guy' stated that he would be in favor of such a move.

"We have our [red] live events and our [blue] live events, two sets of shows each and every week, and having the WWE Champion at one and having the World Heavyweight Champion on the other, that was something that when I came here, that was standard and I would like to [have] it return."

Ryback went on to say that bringing back the World Heavyweight Championship would be great for the show and the talents as well insofar as it would give the likes of King Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, and himself the opportunity to carry a brand.

"It is something that I hope is discussed and that might be [something] I need to discuss with Vince [McMahon] personally," Ryback said. "It would give the opportunity to carry that brand and bring more exposure to not only that WWE talent but the SmackDown brand as well."

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On the subject of a possible Nexus reunion, Ryback said that it is definitely possible, as all great factions seem to reunite. Ryback claimed that the members of Nexus have a special bond that still exists today.

"No matter what our personal feelings are with each other, we have this bond from that moment. Unfortunately, some of the guys are no longer in the WWE, but never say never. You could always bring guys back to do something special again, and I know we have all talked about it from a talent standpoint, but it would have to be in the right moment, the right circumstance, and I believe the WWE Universe would love a Nexus reunion in the future."

As for his favorite SmackDown memories, Ryback named the ring imploding during the Brock Lesnar and Big Show match in 2003. Also, Ryback mentioned a period when SmackDown was presenting the best wrestling matches in WWE.

"I remember the period when, like, Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero and Triple H and Kurt Angle, they were going out each and every week on SmackDown [and] having the best matches, not only on the show but on any of the shows in WWE, pay-per-view and [WWE] Monday Night RAW included. And I think that is what we need to get back to again to SmackDown, the quality match ups. And we have the roster to do it."

Click here for more highlights from the call posted earlier this week, where Ryback discussed his plans to pitch a WrestleMania idea to Vince McMahon. More highlights are also in the video above, where Ryback discussed NXT evolving since his time on the show and wanting to face Finn Balor and Samoa Joe.