Vince Russo On Difficulties AJ Styles Might Face In WWE, Working With Styles In TNA

The wrestling world has been on fire over the past 24 hours, with rumors that NJPW talents AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows are leaving the company to join WWE. If this morning's New Japan Pro Wrestling New Year Dash was any indication, that will be the case.


Vince Russo worked alongside AJ Styles for years in TNA Wrestling and opened up about his feelings on the rumors during last night's episode of the Wrestling Inc Podcast. During the opening show, Sean Ross Sapp and Raj Giri asked Vince what he thought about Styles joining the WWE.

"I worked with AJ for probably a decade. Being on both sides of that fence, I don't see AJ Styles as WWE material," Russo said. "AJ is one of the most class acts through and through that I know. He's a good, good man, a great father, a stand up guy. I was on the other side of that fence. I was in WWE when it was political warfare."

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Russo elaborated on his comments, saying that Styles may not have the right type of personality to make it in the WWE because he isn't political enough for the company. Russo, who spent years in both WWE and TNA, said that the two are very different beasts.

"I think it's going to be tough for someone like AJ to exist in that environment. Especially when he's never been put in an environment like that before. We handled him with kid gloves in TNA from day one. He was the TNA guy. He was always treated that way. He's going into a different environment. He may be the greatest wrestler on the planet but I don't know if he'll have the makeup for that environment. I'm talking strictly personality. Nothing to do with size, capabilities, just as a human being in that type of atmosphere," Russo said.

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