As noted, WWE Tough Enough winner Josh Bredl, now using the name Bronson Mathews in WWE NXT, got a bunch of heat on Twitter after tweeting a shot at WWE’s Social Outcasts stable last night. This led to Kevin Owens, Stardust, Curtis Axel, Heath Slater, Adam Rose and Bull Dempsey chiming in. Bull and Bredl deleted most of their tweets but the original tweet from Bredl was, “Yup.. I like it.. #SocialJobbers”

The word going around WWE is that Bredl has so much heat because a lot of workers on the main roster and in NXT felt his shot at the Social Outcasts was completely disrespectful, according to PWInsider. Slater and his stable are obviously on the lower end of the midcard but the feeling is that they have all earned their spots on the roster and made sacrifices to be where they are while Bredl did not, as he got into WWE through Tough Enough with a $250,000 contract, so he didn’t have the right to disrespect the group.

Below are some of the tweets from today: