WWE Divas Title Match: Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte

We go to the ring and out first comes Becky Lynch to a pop. WWE Divas Champion Charlotte is out next with Ric Flair. We get formal ring introductions from Eden and Becky gets a big reaction while Charlotte gets booed.

Becky with an early takedown as they go at it. Charlotte blocks an early Disarm-Her attempt. They go at it trading holds and Becky gets the upperhand as Charlotte goes to the corner for a breather. Becky with arm drags as fans chant for her. Charlotte makes a comeback and slams Becky on her front, then applying an armbar. Becky sends Charlotte through the ropes to the floor. Charlotte comes back to the apron and they tangle. Becky kicks Charlotte to the floor as Flair looks on. Flair gets in between Becky and Charlotte. Fans boo. Charlotte goes for a cheap shot but Becky counters and nails her. Flair grabs Becky from behind and gives her a big kiss. Flair dances. Becky slaps him. Charlotte nails Becky from behind and drops her. Charlotte brings Becky back in the ring and mounts Becky with strikes. Charlotte with more offense and a 2 count.

Charlotte keeps control now. Fans chant for Becky as she tries to fight out of a hold but Charlotte slams her by her hair. Charlotte mocks fans and applies a scissors. Charlotte slams Becky’s face into the mat with the scissors and keeps it locked. Charlotte keeps control of Becky using the scissors for several minutes. Becky finally gets to her feet with Charlotte on her shoulders. Becky slams Charlotte back but both are down as the referee counts. They get up and Becky blocks shots with forearms. Becky unloads but Charlotte cuts her off. Becky whips Charlotte into the corner and nails a pair of clotheslines. Becky with a side kick to the jaw as fans cheer. Becky with a running forearm into the corner. Becky goes for the exploder suplex but Charlotte blocks it and turns it around. Charlotte with a neckbreaker out of the corner.

Becky blocks the Figure Eight. More back and forth and counters. Becky connects with the big suplex for a close 2 count. Becky nails leg drops and another big suplex for a 2 count. Charlotte blocks the Disarm-Her and rolls Becky up for 2. Charlotte with a spear for back to back 2 counts without getting up. Charlotte is frustrated now. Becky ends up rolling through with the Disarm-Her. Charlotte powers up but Becky keeps the hold locked. Charlotte powerbombs Becky to the mat as Flair cheers her on. Charlotte with a 2 count. Charlotte hits a baseball slide on Flair while going for Becky. She looks shocked. Becky with a roll up for 2. Becky applies the Disarm-Her but Flair gets on the apron and tosses his jacket on her face. This leads to Charlotte hitting the spear for the win.

Winner: Charlotte

– After the match, Flair starts dancing around at ringside as Charlotte mocks Becky and raises her title. Charlotte stomps Becky and taunts her with the title. Charlotte slams her face into the title and starts beating her up as the referee begs her to stop. Fans boo. Flair comes in and they stand tall as the referee checks on Becky. Sasha Banks’ music hits and out she comes to a huge pop. She’s by herself and makes her way to ringside. She takes off her rings and hops on the apron, tossing her sunglasses to the floor. She walks in the ring and looks Charlotte up and down before kicking Becky out of the ring with a kick to the gut. Sasha says something about Becky taking h er spotlight. Fans boo. She turns back around to Charlotte and points at the title. Fans chant for Sasha as they look at each other. They end up doing their own handshake and it looks like they’re friends again. The Flairs go to leave and Ric is out first. Sasha runs up and nails Charlotte with the Backstabber. Sasha applies the Banks Statement and leaves Charlotte laying. Flair is going nuts as the referee holds him back. Sasha raises the Divas Title as fans pop and her music hits. Charlotte sits up and isn’t happy as she gets her title back. Sasha leaves as we go to replays.