The announcers plug tonight’s WWE 24 special on the WWE Network. We get a look back at Monday’s episode of The Highlight Reel on RAW, and the ending with Brock Lesnar, The League of Nations, Roman Reigns and The Wyatt Family.

– We go backstage somewhere to The Wyatt Family. Braun Strowman says they are war. Erick Rowan says they are pestilence. Luke Harper says they are famine. Bray Wyatt says they are death and cuts a promo on tonight’s main event. Wyatt says The Apocalypse is here… run.

WWE United States Title Match: Kalisto vs. Alberto Del Rio

We go to the ring and out comes WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio. We get a look back at the recent title changes. Kalisto is out next to somewhat of a pop.

The bell rings and Del Rio takes Kalisto to the corner. Kalisto quickly turns it around but Del Rio gets the upperhand and goes for an early pin attempt. Del Rio sends Kalisto face first into the corner and talks some trash to boos. Del Rio mounts Kalisto in the corner to right hands as fans count along. Kalisto kicks Del Rio and sends him to the floor. This leads to Kalisto diving out through the second rope. Kalisto works Del Rio over right in front of Brock Lesnar Guy. They come back in and Del Rio turns it around with the running enziguri and a 2 count. Del Rio keeps control and keeps Kalisto grounded after another 2 count.

Kalisto tries to fight back but Del Rio nails the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Del Rio keeps launches Kalisto across the mat, landing on his face on the floor. Del Rio follows to the floor but Kalisto nails a hurricanrana. Kalisto brings it back in the ring but Del Rio counters a move and drops Kalisto over his knees. Del Rio with a 2 count as Kalisto gets the rope. They go back to the floor and Del Rio sends Kalisto into the barrier. Del Rio brings it back in and takes Kalisto tot he top. Del Rio tries to unmask Kalisto but gets knocked to the mat. Kalisto climbs up and nails the senton. Kalisto makes a comeback but Del Rio catches him in mid-air. Del Rio with a big kick to the head for a 2 count.

Kalisto blocks the cross armbreaker. Kalisto goes up top and Del Rio misses the running enziguri as Kalisto ducks. Kalisto comes off the top with a big DDT for a 2 count. Kalisto comes off the second rope and connects. Kalisto slams Del Rio on his face with a hurricanrana. Kalisto with another close 2 count. Kalisto goes back to the top but Del Rio hits him from behind and climbs up. Del Rio slams Kalisto on his face from up high. Kalisto ends up trying to make a comeback but falls on his head and the momentum of the match is off now. Del Rio goes to the top but Kalisto crotches him. Del Rio headbutts Kalisto and he falls upside down in the corner. Del Rio misses the stomp as Kalisto moves. Kalisto nails Salida del Sol but Del Rio gets the bottom rope just before the 3 count. Kalisto springboards in but Del Rio catches him with the knees for a close 2 count. Kalisto takes another big kick. Del Rio exposes the turnbuckle now.

Kalisto counters with a kick to the head that barely connects. Del Rio launches Kalisto into the exposed turnbuckle but he blocks it. Kalisto sends Del Rio into the metal and hits Salida del Sol for the win.

Winner and New WWE United States Champion: Kalisto

– After the match, Kalisto begins his celebration with the title as we go to replays.