Xavier Woods On If New Day Segments Are Improvised, Neville Being Hilarious Backstage

Tech Times recently interviewed Xavier Woods to discuss his UpUpDownDown YouTube channel. Below are a few highlights:

Facing The Usos at The Royal Rumble tomorrow night:

"The Usos have been gunning for our tag-team championships for a hot minute, but the thing is they don't seem to understand that they can't beat us. So, this is like the third, fourth, fifth, whatever number of times that we're going to beat them. They could come with the whole dance. They're cool guys. I could understand why people might like them, but The New Day is just better in every aspect. While they are a great tag team, it is exciting to beat them every time we're in the ring with them and it just shows how much better of a tag team we are."

How much of the New Day's act is planned and how much is on the fly:

"A good bit of it is on the fly about 80 percent of it. We have a general idea of what we want to say to somebody, but we have been riding together for over a year now, so we're on the road a minimum five days a week. We're riding together, we're working out together, we have our shows together, so I see these guys more than I see anybody else in my life. So, down to the music we listen to, the podcasts we listen to, the radio stuff we listen to, the shows that we watch ... we're all very, very in tune with each other because we're around each other so much.

"Yes, it sounds very cliché, but we could finish each other's sentences, finish each other thoughts. You know what you want to say, your friends also know what you want to say, so it makes it very difficult for someone to attack us from any angles because we have not one, but three brains on the same wavelength. It makes for exciting, funny stuff to us because we're all friends, we're making each other laugh and then we're able to denounce our opponent live on television [laughing]."

Which wrestler is entertaining backstage that fans might not realize:

"Neville. He's absolutely hilarious. Probably one of the funnier people in the locker room, especially when we're playing games like Rocket League. He'll beat you and just harass you for hours. It's hilarious, but lots of people don't know about it. If they saw it, it'd be over because he's so funny."

Woods also discussed his favorite Royal Rumble, how prevalent gaming is in the locker room, the first game he fell in love with and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Tech Times


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