Adam Cole Talks About Possibly Going To WWE, Why He's Stayed In Ring Of Honor, More

Former ROH World Champion Adam Cole spoke to Scott Fishman of Channel Guide Magazine recently for an interview.

During the interview, Fishman asked Cole if he thinks he'll ever wind up in the WWE. The company has made some major acquisitions already in 2016, namely AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura.

"If you were to ask me two or three years ago, I would say I definitely want to end up in WWE. There is no doubt that is where I want to go and end up. However, over the years and the leaps we've made as a company is something I'm really proud of. I'm happy I got to be at the forefront of that whole thing," Cole said.

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Cole, who has had multiple WWE tryouts in the past, said that he doesn't see himself leaving Ring of Honor any time soon. Before Cole was sidelined for six months with an injury last year, rumors flew that Cole may be heading to WWE.

"Wrestling has gotten crazy lately in that guys can really make comfortable, good livings outside of WWE. I'm going to be with Ring of Honor for a while. So I'm focused on making ROH the best company it can be," He said.

You can read Scott Fishman's full interview with Adam Cole at this link. We'll also have an exclusive interview with Adam Cole soon.

Source: Channel Guide Magazine


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