AJ Styles On Wanting A WrestleMania Moment, Working For WWE Vs. Others, Chris Jericho, More

As seen above, this week's sitdown interview with Michael Cole features AJ Styles. Below are highlights:

* Cole asks Styles if he ever thought he would be a part of WWE. Styles says it's nuts and some people still can't believe it. Styles says it's surreal and he took the long route to get here.


* Cole mentions his WWE tryout years ago and working for other promotions, then asks why now? Styles says it's all about timing. He says when WCW was bought out, his deal wasn't picked up but he would never have worked, he wasn't ready. Styles believes everything happens for a reason and he's here now

* In regards to the huge reaction he received at the WWE Royal Rumble, Styles says he was worried no one in the WWE Universe would know who he was. Styles called it an eruption. He had to tell himself to calm down when the "phenomenal" popped on the screen. Styles says he could have melted and it was a feeling he will never forget

* Styles says he couldn't ask for a better first opponent in Chris Jericho. He says they're both alike, Jericho also took the long route to WWE and went all over the world


* Cole asks the biggest difference in working for WWE vs. anyone else. Styles says catering and calls it amazing, Cole agrees. Styles says he always hears the grass isn't always green on the other side but that's not the case with WWE. He says it's so greener here and praises the locker room. Styles says he got too comfortable the first time he entered the locker room. Styles says everyone strives to get to WWE. He says it's more than WWE being the biggest, more than what you see on TV... it's what goes on behind-the-scenes that makes WWE what it is. Cole brings up how WWE gets a lot of bad feedback on social media. Styles says he feels like if he does his job, he has nothing to worry about and doesn't have to walk on egg-shells. Styles says he's only been here a few weeks but it's been the best few weeks of his career

* Cole asks what Styles' goals are now. His life is all about goals and he's reached them all. The one thing he hasn't done is WrestleMania and that's where he wants to be. Styles says he wants his WrestleMania moment