Brie Bella On Daniel Bryan's Retirement, Being The Wrestler In The Relationship, WWE Fastlane, More

- As seen above, this week's sitdown interview with Michael Cole features Brie Bella discussing husband Daniel Bryan's WWE retirement. Below are highlights:

* Cole asks her how much of an emotional roller coaster Monday was. She says they were both emotional landing in Seattle because this would be the last time he touched down in his home state with WWE. She says when Bryan saw everyone backstage and started joking around with them, then he was happy. As time got closer to the retirement speech, that's when he started breaking down again. She wasn't sure if he would be able to pull it together because Bryan is very sensitive and the business means everything to him. She says she couldn't be more proud of him. She just wanted to be a wife on Monday, not a wrestler or co-worker. Brie says she was in the "Gorilla Position" and couldn't stop crying


* Cole brings up how she's now the wrestler in the relationship and asks if she's ready for that, and if they have discussed the transition. She talks about how they walked around Seattle on Tuesday morning and Bryan pointed out how nobody can call him a wrestler anymore. Bryan joked how he gets to walk into parties and introduce his wife, the wrestler now. Brie says she didn't realize that her life is changing as well. As a woman, it's empowering because she gets to be the one who works and she's a wrestler. At the same time, it's devastating because they are soulmates and have shared the same passion. She says if it wasn't for Bryan, she wouldn't be where she's at in the ring now because he pushed her to get better


* Regarding the title shot against WWE Divas Champion Charlotte at Fastlane, Brie talks about how it's hard that she doesn't even have Nikki Bella by her side to fall on right now. Brie wonders how she's the smallest out of Bryan and Nikki but she's still the strongest standing. She says no matter what, she has strength inside because she's a Bella and she's going to use what Charlotte has said about her family. Brie says Charlotte crossed her family and the lioness in her is here now. Brie says she's going to win the title at Fastlane and when she does, she's going to dedicate it to her sister and make her husband proud. Brie says she's going to stand in the middle of the ring at Fastlane and chant "yes!" after she wins