Bubba Ray Dudley Talks Possibly Reuniting With Paul Heyman, Facing Enzo & Cass, Hillary Clinton

Star Sport, via The Daily Star, recently published a two-part interview with Bubba Ray Dudley. Below are some highlights:

If he sees the Dudleys reuniting with Paul Heyman on-screen soon:

"Everybody likes to talk about Paul Heyman and Paul Heyman guys. Everyone in the wrestling world knows me and D-Von are original Paul Heyman guys. We will always have a bond and a link to Paul.


"As of right now his number one priority is Brock Lesnar and our number one priority is winning back the WWE Tag Team Championships for a 10th time. If it was in his best interested to align himself with us and if it is our best interests to align ourselves with him you never know, it could happen. And I think Paul Heyman with a stable of Brock Lesnar and The Dudley Boyz would be as unstoppable as anything that is out there right now.

If he sees himself working with any NXT stars soon:

"I don't get to really watch it too often but I hear there are some great up and coming teams down there like Big Cass and Enzo and Dawson and his partner. So I hear there's some really quality teams down there and we look forward to possibly getting in the ring with them one day.


One person he could put through a table:

"Hillary Clinton."

Why he chose Hillary Clinton:

"She's on my TV screen right now so she'd be a good choice."

Bubba also discussed The Dudleyz at WrestleMania, if he plans to be in another TLC match, the current landscape of the WWE tag team division, WrestleMania in the U.K. and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Star Sport