CM Punk Talks About Possible UFC Opponent Mickey Gall, Everyone Calling Him Out For Fights, More

CM Punk has a big night this evening, as his potential opponent Mickey Gall will square off with Mike Jackson at UFC Fight Night. If Gall is victorious, he'll face CM Punk later this year in Punk's debut UFC fight.

CM Punk spoke to UFC Fight Pass about Gall, as well as his decision to fight and the uncertainty surrounding it. He also mentioned everyone calling him out.

"Everybody has mentioned my name and said they'd like to fight me, from Michael Bisping to Phil Baroni to Jose Canseco to a few women's bantamweight fighters that said they'd like to fight me," Punk said. "What can I say? I'm the prettiest girl at the prom."

Punk spoke out about Gall, saying that he thought Gall was smart to call him out when he had the attention of Dana White.

"To me, Mickey Gall is a means to an end. He's humble, he's respectful, and he's smart. he called me out when he knew he had Dana (White's) ear. He knew what he had to do, he said my name, so he did the right thing. Honestly, I'm looking forward to meeting him, he seems like a nice kid," said Punk.

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Although Punk hasn't stepped into the cage as of yet, he isn't shy about saying this will be Gall's biggest bout.

"I'd say this is the biggest fight of his career, and some people think that's silly - two people fighting over little old me. It's unprecedented and a little weird, but those are the cards on the table," Punk said "If he wins, I'll be excited, because I'll have a date and I'll have an opponent, and it's on."

You can see Punk's full comments in the video above.


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